Keli Gwyn
Writing Workshop: Rocking Your Revisions

Do you enjoy learning new things? I do.

I learned a lot recently as I prepared to present my first-ever writing workshop.

On Saturday July 16th I’ll be hanging out with the Yosemite Romance Writers, an RWA® chapter that meets in Fresno, California. I’m eager to meet this talented group and know I’m going to have a wonderful time with them.

What will we be discussing? Revisions. We’re going to explore ways to rock them.

There will also be chocolate. Several of my illustrations involve the delectable treat. I’ve got fun activities planned as well. And, yes, one of them involves chocolate.

We’ll talk revisions, of course. After all that’s a subject near to my writerly heart. But my goal is not simply to equip the audience with some useful tools. I want to encourage them. To spark excitement for a process that can take our stories from good to great.

Can chocolate help to accomplish that? Of course. Chocolate is an amazing product, right?

So, I’m packing my bag, gathering my props, and preparing to have a blast.

• • •

What workshops have you found most helpful?

How did the speaker generate excitement for the subject?

Have you considered presenting a workshop? If so, what topic interests you?

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Keli Gwyn