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Mailbag Monday: How to Send a Laugh

Do you have a friend who could use a laugh?

Here’s a simple three-step plan for sending one via snail mail.

1. Buy a bag of Laffy Taffy

2. Slap on some address labels and the appropriate amount of postage.

Laffy Taffy 1

3. Flip the package over and add a label with a note of encouragement.

4. Drop the package in the mail.

Laffy Taffy 2

The idea for sending a laugh came about because one of my friends who writes witty romantic comedies was on deadline and feeling the stress. I wandered through our local dollar store in search of just the thing to send her. I saw this bag of Laffy Taffy, and my hunt was over.

Question for You

Think of a friend of yours who could use a laugh.
What would you write on your encouraging note?

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Keli Gwyn