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Mailbag Monday: A Bottle Full of Fun

A search for clever snail mail ideas on Pinterest yields several pins showing clear plastic bottles filled with a variety of items. Here’s one that’s part of the Snail Mail Project on the Sweet Tea Paperie site.

Snail Mail Project

As soon as I saw this pin, my imagination kicked into high gear, resulting in a long list of surprises I could stuff into a bottle. But who would be the recipient, and what would fill her bottle?

Soon after, I was scrolling though my Facebook feed and got my answer. A dear friend of mine often posts favorite portions of Scripture, showing the colorfully highlighted verses in her Bible.

I had a backup stash of brightly colored highlighters, so I grabbed several and poked them inside a sturdy Dasani water bottle. To make sure they didn’t rattle too much, I filled the space at the top with some Easter grass I had on hand.

Bottle Full of Surprises 1

I added mailing labels on one side. On the back, I included a note explaining what the highlighters were for.

Bottle Full of Surprises 2

I had such fun preparing this surprise in a bottle and will be sending more in the future.


If you were to send someone a fun-filled bottle, what might you put inside?

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Keli Gwyn
Mailbag Monday: How to Send a Laugh

Do you have a friend who could use a laugh?

Here’s a simple three-step plan for sending one via snail mail.

1. Buy a bag of Laffy Taffy

2. Slap on some address labels and the appropriate amount of postage.

Laffy Taffy 1

3. Flip the package over and add a label with a note of encouragement.

4. Drop the package in the mail.

Laffy Taffy 2

The idea for sending a laugh came about because one of my friends who writes witty romantic comedies was on deadline and feeling the stress. I wandered through our local dollar store in search of just the thing to send her. I saw this bag of Laffy Taffy, and my hunt was over.

Question for You

Think of a friend of yours who could use a laugh.
What would you write on your encouraging note?

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Keli Gwyn
Mailbag Monday: Cat Lover’s Surprise

Several of my friends are crazy about cats, so I thought it would
be fun to send a package of kitty treats to one of them via snail mail.

Cat Treats via Snail Mail

Four Easy Steps

1. Affix address labels to the front.

2. Include a cute note on another label.

3. Add the actual amount of postage required.
(Stamps shown are for illustration only.)

4. Drop the bag in the mail.


Which of your friends would enjoy getting this surprise?

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Keli Gwyn