Keli Gwyn
Love is Golden

Weddings are wonderful. All the joy of a new beginning. Ah!

What’s just as wonderful is helping dear friends celebrate milestone wedding anniversaries–their years of companionship, challenges, and commitment.

This past Saturday, Gwynly and I did just that when we attended the Golden Anniversary party for a special couple we’ve known almost twenty years.

Lawrie & Jane 1

Lawrie and Jane prepare for the Toast.

The company was the best. We had fun visiting with others in our MG car club.

A DJ kept the tunes coming. Gwynly and I put our swing lessons to good use as we danced to classic 50s rock and roll songs.

The food was yummy, as it always is when Jane has anything to do with it.

Lawrie & Jane 2

The silver decorations were on their original wedding cake.

All that was great, but the high point for me was Lawrie’s talk. With his characteristic wit–and a fair measure of tenderness–he recounted the five decades he’s been blessed to have Jane as his bride. The romance writer in me got teary-eyed a time or two.

What I found the most touching was Lawrie’s two-word tribute to Jane. He lauded her tolerance and resilience, traits she faithfully exhibited through the years–when he whisked her away from her native England to live in several countries and when he gave up steady jobs with regular paychecks in order to start his own businesses. Jane got teary-eyed at that.

Lawrie and Jane 3

Cutting the cake.

Young love is a beautiful thing, but love that has stood the test of time is a rarity these days. Lawrie and Jane have that kind of love, and I enjoyed celebrating it with them.


If you prepared a two-word tribute to your special someone–
or someone special–which words would you choose?

Keli Gwyn