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‘Way Back When’sday: Glove Stretcher

What is this unusual looking item from yesteryear?

A fancy pair of tweezers? A hair clip? A clothespin?

Glove Stretcher

It’s a glove stretcher.

Ladies and gentlemen in the Victorian Era weren’t considered properly attired unless they sported a pair of gloves. The best gloves were made of kid, a soft, supple leather. When washed, the gloves shrank. A glove stretcher slipped into the fingers and gently squeezed until it opened remedied the problem.

This glove stretcher I saw at the Bernhard Museum in Auburn, California is a simple wooden one. Those who were well off might have chosen a sterling silver model instead, with the elegant engraving the Victorians fancied.


Have you ever seen a glove stretcher before?

Have you known anyone who used to wear gloves on a regular basis?

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Keli Gwyn