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A Dose of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

Are you a fan of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman?

Although I caught a few episodes when the show first aired, I missed a lot of them. I’m not sure why, but I’m going to make up for that oversight now.

I happened upon the first two seasons at Walmart this week in their classic TV section. They were a real deal at just $9.99 each, so I grabbed them both.

Dr. Quinn Season 1

Dr. Quinn Season 2

Since the show is set in the West, as my stories are, and takes during the Victorian era, as my stories do, I figure watching it qualifies as research. At the very least the episodes are sure to provide inspiration.


Have you watched all the seasons of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman?

If so, which of them did you like best?

Which of the characters is your favorite, and why?

Keli Gwyn


  • Sherrinda says:

    I loved Dr. Quinn! The romance was so good…until they actually got together. I always felt like after they were married, he never “manned up”. She was the strong force after the marriage. Just my feelings though!

    Have fun in your research!!!

  • I’ve watched less television in the past decade, but years ago this was one of my favourite programs. I’ve always liked Jane Seymour but I especially liked how she combined vulnerability, compassion and strength in this role.

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Carol, Gwynly and I don’t watch much TV either, but we do watch one episode of a show we get from Netflix each evening. We’ve been into mysteries and police shows lately. Right now we’re working our way through NICS. Love that series. The characterization is superb!

  • Keli, I loved Dr. Quinn, Medicene Woman. Michaela was my favorite character, with Sully being a close second, of course. Fave episode? *Spoiler Alert* When they married! 🙂

  • Susan Mason says:

    I loved this romance, though I didn’t watch the show faithfully. Sully was dreamy!

  • There was a woman on that show?
    I only remember a guy in buck skin.


  • I have to admit I never watched it, but heard positive comments about it when it first began airing (I guess that was a super busy season of my life). 😉
    Enjoy that research, Keli! 🙂

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Patti Jo, I think busyness is why I didn’t watch the show when if first aired. Our daughter was young, and we didn’t turn on the TV much in the evenings. We read instead.

  • Beth K. Vogt says:

    Like you, Keli, I only watched here and there episodes of Dr.Quinn. I may have to look for that special in my local Wal-Mart. I did use the series as a tiny bit of inspiration in my upcoming novel for one of the characters. I named him “Sully.” 🙂

  • I remember this show. I loved Sully and Dr. Mike. I also loved the ensemble of the town. Great characters.

  • Sadly, Dr. Quinn was not among my favs during those years. I had already jumped ship from the nightly TV my parents and siblings watched and buried my head in Agatha books instead. Then many moons later, PBS brought “Mystery” to America and those … the British mystery series …have had a strong influence on my writing and my choice of TV shows.

    Of all the mysteries I’ve watched on public television Poirot and Marple were my favs. That and Jane TEnnison in Prime Suspect because she was based on a real “copper” in Scotland Yard who made her mark in a man’s world. Same theme … different settings and time frames 🙂

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Florence, Gwynly and I enjoyed the Poirot series with David Suchet. Which actor do you think did the great job taking him from the page to the screen?

  • Keli – I only saw the first season and LOVED it! Can’t wait to hear your opinion – Jane Seymour was absolutely PERFECT for this role, and Joe Lando was a delight in so many ways. Lots of sparks and push-me-pull-you going on.


  • I adored Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. Dr. Quinn was my favorite character.

    They filmed the outside parts at a ranch near my parent’s house. It’s a ranch used for film and t.v., but it’s a public park that many people go to for hikes or picnics, so they couldn’t keep people away from tapings. We went to watch part of an episode be filmed once. It was during the last season (8th?). Joe Lando wasn’t on set that day, but we did see Jane Seymour for a few minutes riding a horse for a scene. I got a hug from John Schneider – he was very friendly with the crowd. We also got a few autographs from various actors. Fun day all around.

    I’ve since been back to the park several times, but as years go by and different productions shoot there, it doesn’t look exactly the same, but you can still point out where some of the town buildings and train station were.

  • Melissa Tagg says:

    LOL, I loooove Dr. Quinn. I grew up on it. 🙂 And it’s also a hilarious connection between me, my agent and my editor. 🙂

    My favorite character, of course, was Sully. I liked his moodiness…and his hair. 🙂