Keli Gwyn
One Word: Stormy

It’s stormy here in Northern California. We’re getting a much-needed soaking.

Canva Stormy Image

For days the media have warned us about the coming Pineapple Express, a Hawaiian-born storm predicted to bring strong, gusty winds and heavy rain.

We were told to expect flooding in the lowlands, mudslides in areas ravaged by forest fires this past summer and possible power outages.

The storm hasn’t proved to be as intense as we were led to believe, which is nice. We need the rain, but I prefer it in manageable increments. That’s what I’ve been praying for.

I realized as I dashed across the post office parking lot in the midst of the downpour how long it had been since I’d gotten drenched walking such a short distance. I rather enjoyed the feeling.

• • • • •

How do you feel about storms?

Do you enjoy them, or are you a fair-weather person?

Keli Gwyn


  • Anne Payne says:

    I’m glad you are getting some much needed rain! I live in a household that loves storms; big or small. We’re in a tornado prone area and while we like the thunderous applause and lightening, we have had personal experience with tornadoes. I always cringe when the storms come but I have two children who want to run outside and watch it approach. Okay, I’ve been known to do that on occasion, but I do come back inside and take cover much sooner than they do 🙂

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Anne, I can’t imagine what it must be like to witness a tornado approaching. I’m sure there is a fascination, though. I’d imagine it’s a bit like the feeling of awe I’ve experienced when I’ve felt an earthquake. At times like those, I feel powerless. It’s as though the One with the power is in control, reminding us that we really aren’t.