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LIH Spotlight: Wolf Creek Wife

It’s August, and that means four new stories from
Love Inspired Historical are on the shelves.

This week I’m shining the spotlight on
Wolf Creek Wife by Penny Richards.

Learn more about the story below, and then
scroll down to enter the giveaway for one print copy.

Wolf Creek Wife

A Marriage of Inconvenience! 

After a storm strands her overnight in Will Slade’s cabin, Blythe Granville’s reputation is in shambles. The townspeople doubt that she was innocently nursing him back to health after saving his life. Now Blythe must accept Will’s proposal: a marriage in name only to save her good name. But the former socialite is determined not to fall for her new husband…even if she’s drawn to the gruff stranger who’s vowed to stand by her, in sickness and in health.

Will never wanted to remarry after his ex-wife betrayed him. But now he finds himself hitched to a city girl who has no idea how to keep a house…but is somehow chiseling her way into his heart. As Blythe melts Will’s crusty facade, though, they’re discovering that this most unexpected union might just lead to true love.

Copyright © 2016 by Harlequin Enterprises Limited
Cover art and cover copy text used by arrangement with Harlequin Enterprises Limited.
® and ™ are trademarks owned by Harlequin Enterprises Limited
or its affiliated companies, used under license.


Fun Question for Penny…

I saw in your Harlequin bio that you enjoy oil painting and have won some awards. That’s wonderful! What do you most like to paint? Do you prefer portraits, still life scenes, landscapes or something else? And the deadline-pressured writer in me has to know: are you able to find time to paint even though you’re busy writing great stories?

Penny says: “I don’t have much time to paint these days, but my awards were always portraits. Every fall, I start itching to use my hands instead of my brain. I’ve spent the past few falls taking a day here and there and painting on old wood-framed windows and selling them. I call them ‘Windows From the Past’ and include a page talking about where this window might have come from, what people looked out them, etc. It satisfies my creativity and gives me a break from writing.”

Your Turn…

What are your creative endeavors? Have you received recognition for them?

Distressing old furniture or household items has become quite popular.
Have you done any of this, or do you plan to?


Book Giveaway!

Enter to win a print copy of Wolf Creek Wife.

Giveaway ends Sunday, August 21  at 12 a.m. PDT.

Winner to be announced in my new
blog post on Monday, August 22.

Must be 18 to enter. International OK. Void where prohibited.

Congratulations to the winner from my August 8 post,
Kelly Y, who will receive a copy of A Family for the Rancher,
an August 2016 Love Inspired Historical by Louise M. Gouge.

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Keli Gwyn


  • I crochet. I’ve made lots of things over the years. No, no awards, I give pretty much everything I make away. 🙂

  • Deanna S says:

    I quilt.. and yes a few purple ribbons and viewers choice awards 🙂 We re-purpose furniture occasionally instead of buying new..

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Deanna, I love looking at the quilts at our country fair each summer. I’m glad I’m not a judge because it would be so hard to pick the winners. Congratulations on your awards!

  • Melody says:

    I used to cross stitch when I was in my teens, haven’t done anything since then! I scrapbook for my outlet. Nothing like putting pictures on pages and dolling them up! Although I don’t do it often anymore either, I am going to have to change that! I miss it!
    I don’t do anything with furniture and have no plans to! Haha

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Melody, I used to scrapbook back before I began writing. I still have many of my supplies and dream of the day I have time to use them again. I created an album using Shutterfly not long ago. It’s so different from traditional scrapbooking, but I liked it. I still enjoy the hands-on method, though. Which is your favorite: traditional scrapbooking or digital?

  • I guess if you consider people ordering the crafts that I made recognition, yes, I have been recognized. I used to crochet and do counted cross-stitch and got many orders for the things I made.

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Wendy, what fun to create things you enjoy making and have people wanting to order them. Do you do any crochet these days? I know yarn crafts have become popular again.

  • Keli Gwyn says:

    Thanks to all of you who have already left comments. I’m in the middle of helping our daughter move to her first apartment in a nearby town, so I don’t have much time online right now. I’ll respond to your comments as soon as I have a break. Honest. 🙂

  • Writing book reviews. I have met so many authors’ hearts through their writings.

  • Trixi says:

    I used to draw growing up, I’d eagerly wait for the Sunday comics and draw whatever cartoon character caught my fancy. Or I’d borrow comic books from the library to draw my favorite characters (Calvin & Hobbes, Peanuts, Garfield, etc). When I was in High School, I took drawing class and my skills improved 110%! One of my freestyle drawings even earned an honored place displayed on the “best of the best” wall.

    Sadly, I haven’t picked up a pencil & sketchbook in many years, though I find my fingers just itching to. 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win a copy of “Wolf Creek Wife”; marriages of convenience are among my favorite!

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Trixi, how fun that you spent so much time drawing and got such enjoyment out of it. Perhaps it is time for you to grab your sketchbook and pencil again. If you were to draw, what types of drawings would your create? Are you still partial to cartoon characters, or did you branch out from there?

      • Trixi says:

        I loved drawing nature, mostly birds or animals! I never got the knack of drawing people, faces are very complicated, especially expressions. I never could get them down right! So if I drew people, I stuck with cartoon characters, much easier 🙂

        Maybe it is time to use my talent again for pure enjoyment!

  • Nicole Wetherington says:

    I haven’t done it but my sister just started a business doing this and I bought a table from her! I think it’s great to take something old and make it look new again!

  • Connie Saunders says:

    I haven’t received any awards but I have been received complimented on my decorating abilities.
    I love to use flea market and yard sale finds to accessorize and I also use some of my crafts.

  • Anonymous says:

    I crochet alot . I’ve made a lot of baby blankets as gifts and scarfs for my grandchildren for Christmas last year for the winter. I lo

  • Gayla Beech says:

    I crochet a lot scarfs for the winter and baby blankets a lot.