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LIH Spotlight: The Nanny’s Little Matchmakers

It’s September, and that means four new stories from
Love Inspired Historical are hitting the shelves.

This week I’m shining the spotlight on
The Nanny’s Little Matchmakers by Danica Favorite.

Learn more about the story below, and then
scroll down to enter the giveaway for one print copy.

the-nannys-little-matchmakersA Wife for Their Papa 

Polly MacDonald intends to tame Mitch Taylor’s five mischievous children, even though every other nanny has fled. She needs this job—and Mitch’s brood sorely needs affection. Perhaps their widowed papa does, too. But when the children begin scheming to make her their new mother, Polly must resist. She’s seen too many bad marriages to want one of her own.

Mitch has come to Leadville, Colorado, to escape a scandal, not find a wife. After the disaster of his first marriage, he’s sure he isn’t husband material. Though Polly’s tender care is working wonders with his children, Mitch knows he should keep his feelings to himself. But can two wary hearts deny the dearest wish of five eager matchmakers?

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Cover art and cover copy text used by arrangement with Harlequin Enterprises Limited.
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or its affiliated companies, used under license.


Fun Question for Danica…

I’ve been following your house addition project on Facebook. I’ve heard such an undertaking can be full of challenges? What parts of the process have caused you the most stress? What have been the greatest rewards?

Danica says: “Yes, definitely a lot of challenges. I think the biggest challenge is that everything takes longer and costs more than you initially expect. We bought the house a year and a half ago, and our construction project is still not even close to being useable. A lot of unexpected things pop up, so it’s been really hard to stay in a smaller space. We lost 1000 square feet of living space with our move (that the project will add back, and then some!), and it’s been hard, especially for the introverts (raising hand) of our family. Honestly, that’s the biggest challenge. I’ve had my own office for a long time now, but for the past year and a half, I haven’t, and I’m DYING for my own space.

The greatest rewards: Well, I’m still looking forward to it: when it’s done! That said, we’ve had an unexpected bonus. A lot of people say that a house construction/remodel project is very stressful on a marriage, and is the cause of a lot of divorces. In our case, it’s brought us together in a lot of odd ways, and I think our marriage has gotten a lot stronger. I appreciate my husband in so many deeper ways, and I’m really grateful we get to work on this project together. Okay, he does all the work. I just pick stuff out and tell him what I want. J In the end, we’ll be living in our dream home, so it’ll all be worth it.”


My office in progress. Right now, it’s being used to store tools and things hubby needs for the project, but hopefully soon I can show pics of it being where I work!

Your Turn…

How do you deal with major projects? Do they excite you or make you want to bury your head far under the covers and wait for the dust to settle?


Book Giveaway!

Enter to win a print copy of The Nanny’s Little Matchmakers.

Giveaway ends Sunday, September 25  at 12 a.m. PDT.

Winner to be announced in my new
blog post on Monday, September 26.

Must be 18 to enter. International OK. Void where prohibited.

Congratulations to the winner from my September 12 post,
Brenda W, who will receive a copy of Texas Cinderella,
a September 2016 Love Inspired Historical by Winnie Griggs.

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Keli Gwyn


  • Melody says:

    I hate big projects. I hate organizing, it stresses me out! I avoid it as much as possible!! And deal with a messy living spaces as a result. Oops. 🙂

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Melody, big projects do invariably lead to big messes, don’t they? I’m still digging out after a summer spent helping our daughter acquire all the items she needed for her first apartment–and storing them in our house. Didn’t help that I spent the first two weeks after her move battling a bad cold. Now to muck out our place.

  • Trixi says:

    Depends on the project. Hubby and I have done many home projects together & it honestly has brought us together. It’s very rewarding to do things as a couple, and we’ve found we have a lot of fun too! He has taught me many things in ways I can understand.

    Household projects such as deep cleaning (and some such) make me want to run in the other direction…lol! I get tired just thinking about it & I know it eventually needs to get done. So I psych myself up & dig in to do it. I find I have a great sense of satisfaction when it’s all complete!

    Like I said, it really depends on the project 🙂 Thanks for the book giveaway chance Keli!

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Trixi, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed working on house projects with your husband. It’s neat that he’s taught you so much in the process.

      I don’t like deep cleaning either, but I do enjoy the results. 🙂

  • Lucy Reynolds says:

    I love keeping everything organized and clean. Hubby and I built our house two years ago, yes just us from the footers up and he thought I cleaned up to much.

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Lucy, how neat that you and your husband built your house. That must have been an exciting undertaking.

      Like you, I enjoy having things clean and organized. I used to keep them that way in the days before I began writing. And then came deadlines.

  • Nicole Wetherington says:

    Yes I like to do clean-up projects and re-organize spaces!

  • Andrea Stephens says:

    Too many years in one place, too much stuff. When I became disabled, stuff didn’t get gone through as before, now it’s a huge project and I would rather just pull the covers over my head. I try to sort through small sections as my health permits but that does make a bigger mess. If I have to stop then that’s a bigger problem. It seems to be a never-ending cycle.

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Andrea, I like your small sections approach when it comes to dealing with stuff. That makes a project seem more manageable, doesn’t it? I’m sorry you’re dealing with health issues. That has to make things more a challenge for you.

  • Jennifer Hibdon says:

    I love projects. The planning, the shoppping, the work. I get them completed better if I have someone working with me. I enjoyed the interview. Thanx for the giveaway,

  • I’m a bit of both, I get excited for the completed project, but in the midst I’m stressed out. 🙂 Especially if I have to wait on someone else to finish the job. If it is a craft project that just relies on me to get the job done then I’m all in!

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Julie, I can relate to the stress of being in the middle of a major project. We’ve been working on redoing the concrete front steps leading to our house this summer. The man we hired is a friend, and he’s been working around his day job and his family’s activities, which we knew would be the case. We’ve also been dealing with a delay due to the tiles we ordered being specially made for us in Mexico. I know that once the job is done, the steps will look great, but the in-between stage is a bit unsettling.

  • Beth Fiscus says:

    This sounds like such a great book!
    When we do projects, I like to dig in and get the ball rolling, but when we are in the middle of it, I honestly feel claustrophobic without having my space available. It stresses me out. Two years ago we re-did our laundry room and my craft room. It only took 3-4 days for the laundry room and I was about dying because I am the kind of person who does laundry every single day. I went for a week without my craft room and that was hard too because I like to craft at the end of the day to de-stress 🙂

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Beth, having one’s space in disarray can be unsettling for many of us. I’m glad your laundry room and craft room renovation projects didn’t last too terribly long.

  • Connie Saunders says:

    I love the thought of home improvement projects but I like to do them in winter because I hate being confined inside during beautiful weather. I actually do better in landscaping and outside projects.

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Connie, working outside during good weather can be fun. It gets pretty hot here in the Sierra Foothills where I live, though, making spring and fall the best times to do yard work, etc.

  • Carla Moore says:

    Recently my company did a major remoel/design studio to become more builder friendly for clients an I was completing a personal move at the same time. It’s been 3 months an I still don’t think I’ve recovered.

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Carla, I can’t imagine going through a redesign at work while dealing with a personal move at the same time. Sounds like a recipe for exhaustion. I hope you’re getting settled in to both places now and enjoying them.

      • Carla Moore says:

        Also, I forgot to mention I love the cover of your book the little girl resembles my granddaughter Victoria and I love her ensemble, and who doesn’t love to fish. We are going to a fishing tournament on Tybee Island this weekend for the wee ones. Can’t wait to read about all the love, mischievousness, and matchmaking the five children have in store for the parents.

        • Keli Gwyn says:

          Carla, the Love Inspired art department does a wonderful job with our covers. Danica’s book got a great one, didn’t it?

          I hope you have oodles of fun at the fishing tournament with your little ones.

  • Connie Tillman says:

    Hmmm major projects. I currently have a lot in the air. I recently graduated with my MA in military history. I have had several writing projects that took a back seat while in grad school. Right after grad school we moved from Ohio to Alabama. Now that the dust is settling, I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. I discovered the Love Inspired series about a year ago – they are my favorite things to read. Thank you for the chance

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Connie, congratulations on earning your Master’s degree. That’s quite an accomplishment. I can understand why you had to put other projects on hold. Our daughter is in grad school now working toward getting her Master’s in Teaching and her teaching credential, while working at the same time. I see how busy she is.

      I’m glad you discovered the LI books and enjoy them. We authors enjoy writing them. 🙂