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LIH Spotlight: Her Cherokee Groom

This week I’m shining the spotlight on
Her Cherokee Groom by Valerie Hansen,
a May release from Love Inspired Historical.

Learn more about the story below, and then scroll
down to enter the giveaway for a print copy.

Runaway Wedding 

On the run from false murder charges, Annabelle Lang can only count on one man, Cherokee diplomat Charles McDonald. The handsome ambassador has already helped her escape Washington City. Now he’s proposing marriage to protect her honor. Though she’s losing her heart to Charles, Annabelle’s certain his offer comes from duty, not love.

Charles’s feelings for the flaxen-haired beauty go beyond mere companionship, but he’s doubtful a lady like Annabelle would ever consider him under normal circumstances. And with his family expecting him to wed a Cherokee bride, he wouldn’t have asked. If it’s more than convenience that binds Charles and Annabelle, there’s only one way to find out—he’ll have to court his own wife!

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Easter Traditions

I’m looking forward to our Easter services. Our church has four, and I’m privileged to be serving at two of them. At one service, I’ll be passing out programs. At another, I’ll be greeting visitors at the Welcome Center. I have plenty of smiles ready and waiting.

In addition to our pastor’s uplifting Easter message, regular attendees and visitors alike can enjoy a cinnamon roll warm from the oven. A gentleman in our congregation makes hundreds of them every Easter, and they are delicious. They also make our lobby smell mighty good. This Easter tradition has fast become one of my favorites.


Question for You

What are some of your favorite Easter traditions?


Book Giveaway!

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Must be 18 to enter. International OK. Void where prohibited.

Congratulations to the winner from my April 3 post.
Becky S. will receive a copy of The Nanny’s Temporary Triplets,
a May LIH by Noelle Marchand.





Keli Gwyn


  • Connie Tillman says:

    Hiding the kids easter eggs
    and going to church 🙂

  • Lynsay F. says:

    Picking out flowers and ham for dinner.

  • We will be going to a Good Friday service at church and then on Saturday we will be gathering with family and friends for all of the kids to have a scavenger hunt. Sunday we will go to church and then have a smaller gathering of family and friends and share lunch and an egg hunt. It is a full and blessed weekend every year 🙂

  • I grew up in a faith tradition that saw most major holidays as pagan, and so did my husband. Even though we long ago left that circle, we find it hard to establish traditions. I’m excited this year to do a brunch and then church with my son’s girlfriend’s family.

  • Robin in NC says:

    Sunrise Service has always been my absolute favorite service!! Then home to a family gathering with ham & all the trimmings! <3

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Robin, my husband is singing in a small choir at our church’s sunrise service. I just might get up early enough to hear him. 🙂

  • Brenda W says:

    I really don’t have any traditions except maybe to cook a good meal. And buy me some chocolate eggs……

  • Lynne M Feuerstein says:

    I like your Easter traditions Keli,they sound lovely!! Some of ours are giving little gifts with the Easter baskets,having a Easter ham dinner.and saying special prayers along with lighting a special candle. Hope you have a lovely Easter this year!

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Lynne, sounds like you have some fun traditions. I like the idea of lighting a special candle. What a great way to symbolize the return of the Light after Good Friday.

  • Linda Ortiz says:

    Church, than Ham and Mac n Cheese after!

  • Linda Williams says:

    My favorite current Easter tradition is sharing Easter sunrise service, our church service, and the day with our daughter’s Jewish in-laws.

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Linda, there’s nothing like sharing Easter with one’s family and church family, is there. I hope your daughter in-law’s welcomes Christ, the Messiah into their hearts one day.

  • Lynda E. says:

    As an adult, I am finding that Easter services are my favorite tradition, but I will admit to enjoying the chocolate, too. 😉 Thanks for the giveaway–this book looks different and very intriguing!

  • Deana Dick says:

    Going to church is always on our list. I love to hear how Jesus rose after three days and is there to guide us as we go through life. We also like to have dinner with our kids who are grown. It has always been a special day for us. Thanks for the chsnce to read your book. I love your writing.

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Deana, celebrating our Lord’s resurrection with one’s church family is a joyous occasion. Celebrating with family afterward is a treat. Enjoy your time with your children.

      I didn’t write the book I’m featuring this week. It’s by one of my fellow Love Inspired Historical authors, Valerie Hansen.

  • Mary Preston says:

    Attending church services with the extended, visiting, family is always wonderful.

    I think I enjoy hiding the Easter eggs as much as the children enjoy finding them.

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Mary, attending services is my favorite part of Easter. I love the joyous message of Christ’s resurrection and what that means for us. It’s wonderful that so many guests are hearing it, too, some for the first time.

      Hiding Easter eggs can be fun. I used to get so clever that I’d forget where my hiding spots were. I learned to count the number of eggs first so I knew we had to keep looking until all were found.

  • Keli Gwyn says:

    Guess what? I left a promo message about this post on Facebook, and Valerie chimed in with an offer of a second book for the giveaway, so I’ll get to choose two winners. Here’s what she said.

    “Thanks, Keli! Let’s choose two winners and I’ll provide the second book when you give me the name and address to mail it to. This book about the Cherokee was a labor of love and I got so interested in the research I could hardly stop writing. History continues to surprise me. Blessings, Val”

  • Mari says:

    Attending church and family dinner are favorite Easter traditions. I love all the Hallelujahs and He is Risen comments being given to our Risen Lord and Savior.

    Easter blessings to you and your family Keli.

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Mari, the joy that’s evident at an Easter service is beautiful to see, isn’t it? It’s there in the hope-filled messages we hear, in the uplifting songs we sing, on the smiling faces of those who rest securely in Christ, our risen savior.

  • Becky Smith says:

    Yum, the cinnamon rolls sound so tempting! When our children were young, all of the Smiths would go to Uncle Randy’s church together. Afterwards we had our own family potluck, and then the kids had an Easter egg hunt. That was our tradition since early 1990’s, maybe before that. Now Uncle Randy is is Ohio, so we sometimes get together with those families still around, watching grandkids & grandnieces & grandnephews hunt for eggs. I especially used to love that Randy’s church started singing “Up From the Grave” with all of the lights out, until we came to the chorus. Then the lights would come on. They sang in wonderful 4 part harmony and it would literally give me goosebumps.

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Becky, what wonderful memories you have of Easters past. I love the way your uncle’s church used the dark and light to add even more meaning to that wonderful hymn.

  • We always go to church that morning and I so enjoy the extra special Easter service! And then we come back to my grandmothers where all my dads side of the family gather together and have the annual egg hunt and dinner! In my opinion, Easter actually rivals Christmas! It is so close to my heart! 💚

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Kalan, I love your statement, “…Easter actually rivals Christmas!” That’s so true. In a sense, Christmas is the beginning of a story, and Easter is the joyous conclusion. The exciting thing is that Easter also represents a new beginning for those who have put their faith in that blessed babe born in that manger,the god-man who endured the cross and rose again on the third day, the loving savior who is watching over us today.

  • Trixi says:

    We have never celebrated Easter like a like of people do with the egg hunts & Easter baskets full of toys/candy. Even growing up, our family never did either. I do remember my dad buying my mom an Easter Lily plant each year to display, though!

    Easter Sunday starts off with a special breakfast hosted by us ladies followed by a special sermon by the pastor on what we call “Resurrection” Sunday. He usually preaches on the meaning of it, and reads appropriate scriptures pertaining to His death and rising. The rest of the day is spent reflecting on Jesus and all that He did for us 🙂 No special dinner or anything, just a great day spent in His presence!

    Thank you for the chance to win a copy of “Her Cherokee Groom”, what an interesting premise 🙂

    P.S. I’d love to be greeted by your warm smile and smell those fresh cinnamon rolls! What an awesome privileged to serve your church in this manner 🙂

    • Trixi says:

      P.P.S. I tried to share this post on FB, but it’s being dumb and not letting me post giveaways for some reason tonight. I’ll try again tomorrow!

      • Keli Gwyn says:

        Trixi, I think the cyber critters must have been busy because your FB post sharing this post showed up in my feed. 🙂

        • Trixi says:

          Not sure what happened either because I tried to post two different giveaways for two different contests and it wouldn’t let me. I blame the gremlins of FB, lol!

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Trixi, I like your family’s reflective celebration of Easter. The eggs, baskets, bunnies and other things can be fun, but the greatest joy is found in the gifts we were given by a savior who did the unthinkable for us, the undeserving–coming to earth and assuming our lowly human form, taking our place on that cross, dying for our sins and rising again to take His rightful place in heaven.

  • Keli Gwyn says:

    This week, thanks to Valerie Hansen’s generous offer to give away an extra copy of Her Cherokee Groom, we have two winners.

    Linda W. won the copy I’m giving away, and Paula M. won the copy Valerie donated. Congratulations, ladies! I’ll be in touch.