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Book Release Victorian Style: Elenora’s Extravaganza!

Do you like pretty things? If so, I have good news for you.

In honor of the release of my debut novel, A Bride Opens Shop in El Dorado, California, an inspirational historical romance that takes place in 1870, I’ve planned a special grand prize drawing. The prize package is valued at $200.

The heroine of my story, Elenora Watkins, owns a shop where she sells what she likes to refer to as “the finer things. I combed the Internet in search of Victorian-themed items such as she would offer her customers.

After hours of research, which was some of the most fun I’ve had in ages, I found several items sure to capture a lady’s eye. I’ve waited weeks to show them to you, and now I finally can.

Here they are. . .

Elenora’s Extravaganza in its entirety

 And here are the close-ups. . .

This is a limited edition Thomas Kincade figurine from The Hamilton Collection called “Tea at Three.” Kincade spent his early years here in Placerville, California where I live and attended the same elementary school our daughter did.

Battenburg lace fan


Silver jewel box (non-tarnishing) and book-style locket

Silver vanity set from Victorian Trading Company


 Questions for You

(You only have to answer one to qualify for the drawing.)

Do you have any Victorian treasures of your own,
perhaps something passed down through the generations?

Of all the items pictured, which is your favorite?


The Drawing

I’m using Rafflecopter to hold the drawing. Doing so gives you the opportunity to earn bonus entry points. The drawing will run the entire month of July.
We’ll find out who the winner is August 1. It could be you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For more ways to win fun prizes, including copies of my debut novel as well as my weekly Bushel of Fun giveaway, visit my Contests and Giveaways page.


 Book Release Blog Tour Appearances

A Bride Opens Shop in El Dorado, California is officially released! Many wonderful bloggers have offered to help me get the word out by hosting me on their blogs. I’ll be sharing the links to those posts at the bottom of mine throughout the tour, which will continue through the end of July.

July 1

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Keli Gwyn


  • Those are the COOLEST! I think my favorite is the jewelry box! Gorgeous, Keli! And HAPPY HAPPY release day!

  • Pam McNeill says:

    My favorite is the figurine. I have a brooch that was my great grandmothers. My grandmother lived to be 99 years old and it was her mothers. It was passed down through my aunt to me along with a glass cake plate. I wish I knew more about her.

  • Mary Manners says:

    Congratulations, Keli. I love the atomizer. It always makes me wonder where a woman was about to venture when she spritzed a delicious scent!

  • Anne Payne says:

    That is the coolest prize package! I don’t have any trinkets that are from the Victorian Era that I know of. I do have some very old ones that look Victorian, that belonged to my grandmother, but she wasn’t born until 1908 🙂

    My favorite item in the pkg is the fan! I ♥ hand fans, as you can tell by my Pinterest board!

  • I adore Victorian anything. My favorite is the bush, comb and mirror set. It reminds me of my grandmother Cronin’s monogrammed ivory set I once had. I adored it, but I felt compelled to give it to my sister, whose married initials were the same as my grandmother.
    Big congratulations on your debut, Keli!

    Kathy Maher

  • Everything is beautiful!! My favorite is the Thomas Kincaid figurine! I am still waiting for my pre-ordered copy of the book from Amazon. hugs, Kerrie

  • Patricia A. Turner says:

    My favorite is the figurine and the jewelry box. I congratulate you on your release and hope it is very successful.

  • Christina says:

    My favorite is the fan. I used to collect them as a child and lost them in a move.

    I do have some older atomizers and a shuttle, a few pictures of my ancestors. And several books published from that era.

  • Those are some gorgeous items and perfectly fitting for your novel !

    I love the figurine. Every detail is just so ideally Victorian.

    I have a loveseat, divan and rocking chair – inherited from my great aunt – that are from the Victorian era and in nearly pristine condition. They are some of my most prized possessions, especially as they always remind me of Aunt Icie, a woman who made her life as a seamstress and drapery maker and was one tough cookie!

  • Angela Bell says:

    Congrats on your book release day, Keli! I’m so happy for you. 🙂 I love all the give away items, but my favorite would have to be the beautiful box and book locket.

  • This is SO generous of you and what a unique idea, Keli. I love them all. If I had to choose one then it’d be the figurine. So elegant! I’m watching the Dr. Bramwell series on Netflix set in that time period. Dr. Eleanor dresses like the figurine. Major congratulations on the release of A Bride Opens Shop in ElDorado, California.

  • Dianne Bell says:

    I have a Victorian tea hat that my husband and daughters designed for my birthday. It has ostrich plums, pearls, roses, and tulle.

  • Casey says:

    I do believe the locket is the most beautiful in the set, those it’s a close draw. Keli, you found simply GORGEOUS items!!

  • Mary Moore says:

    Hi Keli,
    What a great kickoff and what terrific prizes! My favorite is the jewel box and locket. Writing in the Regency era, those beautiful little additions make stories real and personal. I’d love to win it!
    Congratulations on your first book and the prayer for many more to come!

    In Him,
    Mary Moore

  • melinda prado says:

    I love the Jewelry box and locket! Wonderful! I think the book style of the locket is so significant to your book release! 🙂

  • Heather Vetsch says:

    What a fun giveaway! I’d love to be entered.

    The closest thing I have to a Victorian treasure in my family is crocheting. My grandma taught me how when I was little, and the original techniques date back to Victorian-era France. Now I pass on handmade baby blankets to all the new babies in my church. 🙂

  • Jules says:

    I have a tiny silver jewelry box that could probably hold a necklace or a couple of rings. I found it at a yard sale for pennies. I also have a hand-held fan, that was used at my wedding, with the victorian style in mind. I think my favorite piece in your give away is the locket…but all the pieces are captivating. 🙂

  • Tabitha Bell says:

    My favorite give away item is the box with the book locket. It’s very pretty! 🙂

  • Ashley Lynn Bell says:

    My favorite thing is the beautiful, silver vanity set.

  • Ashley Bell says:

    The purple fan is pretty, too! 🙂

  • Keli,

    I’m so glad to be a part of your debut, even from a distance! So happy for you!

    I love the book locket – I adore lockets of any kind and I can’t live without books…so to combine them into one piece of jewelry with a place to store photos of my most precious treasures (my family) is like the best of the best of the best all in one place! Beautiful gift set.

    I have a few things “Victorian-esque” – in other words, maybe not legit, but meaningful, none-the-less. I’m a fanatic about quills and nibs and dip pens and ink bottles and have collected items when I stumble across them for pennies. I have a friend who shares my love of these things and we write letters back and forth with our old tools…and we use melted wax seals, too. The Post Office hates us because the seals get jammed in the machines, but they haven’t outlawed it yet so we bravely press on!

    Oh Happy Day!

  • Marilyn Turk says:

    It’s so hard to choose! I think I like the figurine the best, but I really like that jewelry box too! Congratulations on your debut!

  • Congratulations, Keli!!! So excited for you. My favorite is the jewelry box and the locket!

  • Julie Robinson says:

    What a hard pick! It’s all gorgeous,unique, and beautifully displayed on that purple satin/silk cloth, which I LOVE. So if I have to pick my favorite, I’d say that the book-style locket is absolutely adorable!!

    Huge congratulations. Your Writer’s Journey has been an inspiration to me.

    Other question: I used to have some lace up boots that came just to above the ankles that I loved, loved, loved so much I wore them out. My DH always thinks i’m quaint like the Victorian Age. I used to have a Victorian styled couch; I had it before eI met my DH and then we had it for years before we moved out to the country and needed a sleeper sofa instead. I hated getting rid of it.

    And I do love my tea—collect teapots, as well. I think that might be a Victorian thing

    Reading your book will be a pleasure and part of a secret yearning to have a shop like the heroine’s. So I’ll have no trouble identifying with Elenora.

    • Keli Gwyn says:


      The purple fabric is the satin skirt of my Victorian outfit, the one seen in several of the photos on my website. I thought it would make a fun backdrop.

  • Keli Gwyn says:

    I’m having oodles of fun reading your comments and love hearing about your Victorian treasures. Thanks for sharing the stories behind them with us.

  • Lynda says:

    I love the 1800’s! My favorite victorian item I own is a small collection of hats my Great-great grandmother made as a young woman. She couldn’t afford the ones in the millinery shops so she’d browse the windows and then go home and make them! She was very thrifty and creative. I found them in a box about 30 years ago at my Grandmother’s and they have survived every move we’ve made as I treasure them! Can’t wait to read your new book! Congratulations!

  • Tamara Leger says:

    I have a silver-plated tea service that was passed down from my grandmother. Grandfather even made a tea cart (he was a carpenter) to hold it! I think the atomizer is beautiful!

  • Keli Zsolcsak says:

    Love the gift you are giving away! My favorite is the Silver Jewel box! and the book style locket! I don’t have any Victorian treasures!!! but I DO LOVE the Victorian era!

  • Keli, I’m so happy for you. You are a terrific promoter!!! My favorite Victorian item at home is my grandmother’s shadow box picture of two Victorian women on a stroll through a park. Of your things, I’m torn between the book style locket and the vanity set. Very nice! 🙂

  • Ginger says:

    I do not have any Victorian things passed down to me. I do have a black bonnet worn by my great grandmother (or further back, I don’t recall at the moment).

    As for my favorite thing pictured, I think it’s a tie between the fan and the vanity set.

    Thanks for such an awesome contest and congrats on your debut novel.

  • okay….you have had WAY too much fun putting these goody packages together for some lucky winners! the items are just beautiful. 🙂

    congrats on a wonderful release day! it was beautiful up here…hope it was just the same down there.

  • Samantha says:

    Congrats, Keli, on your new release! So excited to read it!

    Thanks for the drawing opportunity! The jewelry box is stunning– so exquisite!

  • Amy Campbell says:

    I do not have any Victorian treasures. Love the comb brush mirror set.

  • OooooooOOOOOooooh, I love that fan!! I am a Battenburg junkie. I even wanted a Battenburg canopy for our poster bed. That we didn’t have. Hub refused to buy either the poster bed OR the 9 foot square canopy. Some people!
    Did you know that the name Battenburg was changed to Mountbatten, so the British Royals didn’t sound so German?
    I’ve been to Victoria, BC about 100 times?Does that count? And I’ve seen the Queen of England about 5 times. Queen Victoria’s grandaughter is on our money.


    Which was ON Canada Day, which WAS ruled by Queen Victoria….

  • How fun, and congratulations again! I’ve always loved old Victorian items. My favorites have been perfume bottles and brushes (which you have above) and I also like those old hair clips. Always wanted to wear them in my hair, though they don’t quite go with my casual jeans and t-shirt style 🙂

  • karenk says:

    Happy Release Day, Keli…what a beautiful gift package you put together…Congratulations…and I look forward to reading your masterpiece 🙂

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  • karenk says:

    ooops…i forgot to answer your question….i LOVE all of the pieces included in treasures…especially the jewelry box. stunning.


  • Megan says:

    I don’t have anything from that era 🙁 My favorite from the pictures are the hand mirrors in the silver vanity set. I can just picture how the women would look who would be checking their reflection in the mirrors, I wonder where they’d be going!

  • Fedora says:

    No need to include me, but happy release day, Keli! What a wonderful package for one of your special and lucky readers!

  • This collection is beautiful, Keli! I’m such a softie for all things Victorian – I especially love the silver vanity set, as it reminds me of the set at the Lindbergh Home where I was a site guide. Mrs. Lindbergh’s set also included a hair receiver and a glove stretcher!

  • Deevena says:

    Mine has got to be the Vanity; although everything is lovely! 🙂

  • Marsha says:

    I have a Victorian trinket box handed down from my grandmother that is very special to me. The vanity set reminds me of something my grandmother also had so I like it the best.

  • I like the victorian era and your site is beautiful thanks for sharing..
    of the items on your giveaway I like to looks of the “book”locket.
    Paula O(

  • Great giveaway! Love the jewelry box and locket. The silver vanity set is a close second 🙂

  • Louise Houdelette says:

    Looking forward to reading this and then passing it on to my great granddaughter Veronica. Love the locket.

  • Kathy Tarrago says:

    My favorite thing would be the jewlery box. It looks beautiful. Congrats on your first book and may it be the first of many.

  • Rosalind Haven says:

    Keli,congratulations on your first book release. Look forward to getting one for my nook. About all that survived from that era that I have are pictures . I do have three “college” year books from 1907.08 and 09. though I know that is a little past your era I enjoy reading about my Grandmother and her classmates.I love all the items but my favorite is the lace fan.I have been fascinated by the language of the fan.Dare I hope that you will be using it in some of your writings? Again, Congratulations.

  • Niki says:

    I love the figurine! So elegant and delicate! Such a great offer and gift to your readers!


  • Nancy Faivre says:

    Congratulations on your first novel Keli! Can’t wait to read it! I love all of the gifts they’re all so pretty, but my favorite is the jewelry box, it’s gorgeous, and I love the book necklace!

    I have a little vase set that was given to my Mother-in-laws aunt for a Wedding gift in 1888. Her aunt then gave it to her as a Wedding gift, and when she passed all of my sister-in-laws knew how much I loved them so they gave them to me. They have been taken care of and look like new. It even has a little handwritten note inside the vase from her Aunt telling that it was a Wedding gift on 9-20-1888. I really treasure them knowing the history behind them.

  • The book locket is my favorite. It’s something that I would wear and have a somewhat “practical” use for 🙂