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Birthday Giveaway!

Do you like birthdays? I do.

Today, July 17, is my mine.

In honor of the day, I’m holding my first giveaway
for my August 2016 Love Inspired Historical,
Make-Believe Beau. See details below.

Make-Believe Beau Front Med
I’ve always wanted to have a character share my birthday.
The hero of Make-Believe Beau, Flynt Kavanaugh, does.

Each year, Flynt treats himself to his favorite chocolate on his birthday.
I’ll let you in on a secret. He prefers a creamy milk chocolate.

What kind of chocolate is your favorite?


To enter to win a print copy of Make-Believe Beau,
leave a comment with your answer to the question above.

Be sure to leave your email address when prompted, so
I can contact you if you’re the winner of the giveaway.
(Please, for your privacy, do not leave
your email address in your comment.)

Giveaway ends Sunday, July 17 at 11:59. PDT.

Winner to be announced here on Monday, July 18.

Must be 18 to enter. International OK. Void where prohibited.

And the winners are…

Yes. Winners. Because I received so many entries,
I decided to give away three copies of Make-Believe Beau,
and they are: Misty Cooper, Nancy M. and Abigail Richmond.
Congratulations, ladies!










Keli Gwyn


  • Leah Anderson says:

    OH I like all chocolate! I do like creamy milk chocolate too!

  • Melody says:

    Dark chocolate is my favorite, but let’s be honest here, I never turn away anything chocolate!!!

  • Mattie Piela says:

    Dark chocolate!

  • Peggy Choate says:

    Cadbury English milk chocolate bars, introduced to me by a dear British friend. Thank goodness we have a local grocery store that has them in stock.

  • jane naccarato says:

    I love birthdays. Dark chocolate is my favorite . I will eat other types of chocolate because it is one of my favorite food groups.

  • Dark chocolate is supposed to be better for us, but my preference is for milk chocolate. I’d even take white chocolate over the dark. Of course, as others have said, I wouldn’t turn down chocolate in any form!

    A happy, happy birthday to you!

  • Ora Dee Rocks says:

    Milk Chocolate

  • Sara Clouse says:

    Dark chocolate.
    I used to live and die by peanut M&Ms, but now my taste is more for chocolate flourless cake with raspberry drizzle!

  • Dairy free Chocolate Dream

  • Jan Klopfenstein says:

    Some milk chocolate. Not too dark of dark chocolate

  • Amy Fields says:

    I love dark chocolate! The darker the better!

  • Janine Sprague says:

    I love Hersery bars. That milk chocolate that just melts in the mouth is so yummy.

  • Sandy Smith says:

    My favorite is dark chocolate.

  • Happy Birthday Keli!! I LOVE all chocolates…except ones with cherries…but I’m leaning recently towards the salted caramel flavors of chocolate!! Have a beautiful day and joy filled year!!

  • Vicky asher says:

    I am a chocolate loving person, however my favorite is Dove dark chocolate.

    HAppy birthday to you……happy birthday to you!

  • Debbie H says:

    Dark or German chocolate are my favorite
    Thank you for the chance!

  • Merry S. says:

    Birthday Blessings Keli!
    My favorite kind of chocolate is dark chocolate. I also like chocolate covered raisins and kit kat bars if they count.

  • Ethelann Conner says:

    Happy Birthday!

    I love Dove Mint & Dark Chocolate Swirl.

  • Andrea Stephens says:

    Happy Birthday Keli! Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday.
    As for chocolate…I LOVE IT! My favorite is anything milk chocolate but I am becoming fond of Dark Chocolate Lindor Truffles. I even taught a chocolate class in the home- school co-op I was a part of many years ago. A local chocolate company sent me samples of all the parts of chocolate along with samples of their products.

  • Janet Grunst says:

    Milk chocolate, especially Hershey’s.
    Happy Birthday, Keli.

  • Gloria Ester says:

    I’m a huge chocolate lover and will eat any kind, but dark chocolate is my favorite. Happy Birthday and I hope you have a lovely one. Thanks for hosting this giveaway. 🙂

  • Happy birthday, Keli!

    Any chocolate is my favorite…but especially the nearest chocolate!

    Congratulations on another LIH book! Blessings!

  • Melody Sproule says:

    Coffee Crisp is my favourite chocolate!

  • Kathleen (Kathi) Bassillo says:

    Yummmm * chocolate, any except dark (for some reason my body doesn’t like it) Happy Birthday!!


    I love any kind of chocolate with peanut butter.

  • Susan Williford Cobb says:

    Happy Birthday Kelli !! My favorite chocolate is the kind I used to get when living in Germany. There is no better. I do love Toblerones.

  • Kathy Tarrago says:

    Yes, I do love Milk chocolate. Especially A Mounds bar with almonds. Because most of the time I do feel like a nut! 🙂

  • Any variety of milk chocolate, especially Twix, Kitkat, Baby Ruth and Butterfingers.

  • Deanna Stevens says:

    creamy milk chocolate, especially when it’s wrapped around a cherry!!

  • Linnea Nordquist says:

    Happy Birthday Keli!

    I love German chocolate as well as European chocolate. There is nothing like the taste and the way that it melts in your mouth. Truly something to savor!

  • Kathleen says:

    I like all kinds of chocolate. Happy Birthday, Keli!

  • Chocolate truffles!!! Hands down.

  • I love dark chocolate. Sweet though. I tried strong dark chocolate once and totally gagged. Lol!

  • Trixi says:

    I’m the odd one out (but that’s no surprise!), I freely admit I am NOT a huge chocolate fan. The only kind I will ever eat is anything Reeses or peanut M&M’s, but that’s because I’m a peanut/peanut butter fanatic….lol!!
    I guess someone has to admit to being weird…haha!!!!

    Happy, happy birthday Keli!!! I pray you have a stupendously fun-filled day with your family, getting spoiled, having cake & ice-cream (or whatever) and knowing you are especially loved by your Father 🙂

  • Nancy Barham says:

    I love Dove Milk Chocolate. If I’m stressed, M&Ms will do.

    Happy Birthday! BTW, you share a birthday with my brother-in-law. You know his wife, my sister!

  • Fedora says:

    Flynt has great taste, Keli! But I will eat almost any kind of chocolate! 😉 Wishing you a very happy birthday and a blessed year to come!

  • Lori Payer says:

    I love dark chocolate! Hope you have a very Happy Birthday!

  • Lynne M Feuerstein says:

    Happy Birthday,Keli !! Hope you have a blessed and fun one! To answer your question; My favorite chocolate is milk chocolate. BTW,thanks for the giveaway!

  • Maureen Kolberg says:

    Creamy milk chocolate is my favorite too but I love a cherry or raspberry or orange filling.

  • Beth Croteau says:

    Happy Birthday Keli. I’m a July birthday baby too! My favorite chocolate is the one that is in my mouth! 😉

  • Nancy Faivre says:

    I love most chocolate but a milk chocolate would be my favorite!

  • Shelley Souder Katz says:

    My favorite is Dark Dove Chocolate – I let it linger to savor its creaminess and smooth texture. Mmm good!
    You and I share a special day. It is my 40th wedding anniversary (7-17-76), today. And trivia for you, we share it with Disneyland’s anniversary day, as well… 7-17-55. A special day! Happy Birthday, Keli.

  • Misty cooper says:

    Bourdoux is my favorite. But love dark chocolate rocky road.

  • Priyanthi Silva says:

    Wish you A Very Very Happy Birthday Keli. May God our Heavenly Father, Bless, Protect and Prosper you today and always.

    Answer to your question is. Milk Chocolate

  • Monique Hudson says:

    I love a good quality chocolate. But Dove or Hersheys will do too.

  • Lynda E. says:

    I love milk chocolate, the creamier the better. Yum! Thanks for the giveaway, and happy birthday!

  • Abigail Richmond says:

    Milk Chocolate

  • Anne Payne says:

    Happy Birthday, my sweet friend!!! I pray the Lord blesses you with another fabulous year.

    I love milk chocolate! And I love the name Flint for a hero. 😉

    Can’t wait to read this one.

  • Dianne Casey says:

    I prefer dark chocolate, but like all chocolate. Happy birthday, hope you had a great birthday and a chocolate birthday cake!