Keli Gwyn
Back from a Blogging Break

I didn’t intend to take a blogging break, but I’m glad I did.

Since Gwynly’s a teacher and gets two months off in the summer,
I chose to cut back on my online presence and enjoy his company.
We didn’t venture too far from home, but we had fun nonetheless.

I’ve been experiencing some major life transitions,
and the break enabled me to better deal with them.

The downside is that I missed you, my cyber buddies.
I was active on Facebook, so I wasn’t totally out of the loop,
but I’m eager to reconnect and hear how you’re doing.

Here’s a recap of my summer. . .

Summer 1Gwynly and I enjoyed a three-day trip with the Sacramento Valley
MG Car Club. We drove over Sonora Pass,
a beautiful area north of Yosemite, on into Nevada.

Summer 2The scenery was spectacular. What’s so sad is that the Rim Fire just a few
miles south of here has destroyed over 200,000 acres of this beautiful area.

Summer 3Ever the history buff, I enjoyed our stop in Virginia City, Nevada.

Summer 4The highlight of the summer was our daughter’s college graduation.
Adri earned a double major in French and German from U.C. Davis.
Am I a proud mom? You betcha!


Summer 5Gwynly and I made a trip up north and visited each of my parents.

My mom is doing well.

My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimers recently and is living in a care facility.
It’s heart-wrenching to watch a loved one deal with this horrible disease.
I’m grateful to my siblings, who are doing a great job seeing to Dad’s needs.


Summer 6For my birthday in July, Gwynly gave me experiences rather than gifts.
At my request, we visited several historic sites in the Gold Country.


Summer 7Railtown 1897 is known as the movie railroad, their trains having been
featured in Back to the Future III and many other shows over the years.

Summer 8Columbia is California’s best-persevered Gold Rush town.

Summer 9Old Sacramento boasts a wealth of California’s history.


Summer 10The last stop on my birthday adventure was Davis, where we got to see our gal.
Since my birthday is July 17th, I was excited to see our order number.


Summer 11Gwynly and I enjoyed a leisurely afternoon beside beautiful Lake Tahoe.
It’s easy to see why I love the majestic Sierras, isn’t it?


Summer 12Despite the heat, Gwynly and kept up with our walking.
We use the time to do lots and lots of talking. Fun!

Summer 13Just last week, I was diagnosed with a Trigger Finger.
My right ring finger locks in the down position and snaps straight.

As a writer, this concerns me, so
I got right into the doctor to see what can be done.
I’ll be seeing an orthopedic specialist soon.

Golden State BridesMy publisher is re-releasing my debut novel in September.
A Bride Opens Shop is being paired with A Bride Sews With Love,
a fun story written by my friend and agent mate, Erica Vetsch.

Both stories are set in California, thus the title of the 2-in-1.

I’m expecting to see the book in Walmart any day, which is exciting

Summer 14Our gal got herself a job in France!

Adri will be working as an English language assistant in two middle schools
in Saint-Omer, a town in the north about an hour from Paris. She’s been busy
preparing for her departure. As you might guess, there are a lot of hoops.

She leaves September 15, and will work from October to May.
I’m both excited for her and sad for me. I’ll miss seeing her,
which is why Gwynly and I are planning a visit at Christmas.

• • •

What were the highlights of your summer?

Have you ever felt the need to take an extended blogging break?

Keli Gwyn


  • It’s nice to read your blog again and see pictures of your fun summer! Hard to believe it’s over, isn’t it? I am sorry about your Dad. Your pic of your mom shows her looking really young! My father ended up in a nursing home as well but my mom is still going strong.
    Yes I took a blogging break last year and then came back and then took another one. Now I am on every few weeks when I feel the need to write something. It’s hard cause I’d rather be writing. But it’s what we do, isn’t it?

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Thanks for you kind words, Terri. My mom is still fairly young. She was only nineteen when I was born.

      I’m sorry to hear about your father. Watching a parent decline is tough, isn’t it? I’m glad your mother is doing well. She must be happy about your lovely house and how well it’s coming along.

  • Wow, Keli! Yes, you’ve indeed experienced some life changes! (((Giant hugs!)))

    I’m praying for your family as you deal with so much–your dad, Adri relocating, and your health.

    I think you definitely did the right thing in taking a break. I cut back last April, though I’m contemplating going back to a three day a week blogging schedule again in late fall. I’ll just have to see. Sometimes, life just takes precedence over social media!

    I loved your photos–thank you for sharing!

    Welcome back! 🙂

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Thanks for the hugs, Cindy. I appreciate your support and encouragement.

      It seems many people have cut back on blogging or have taken extended breaks. While I needed to do so, I sure missed the connections it brings.

  • I’m back from a blogging break, too! I love your pictures, especially the first one. You look so happy.

    I would love to visit all those historical sites!

    Trigger finger…that stinks. Hopefully your doctors can find a way to help you out so it isn’t too debilitating.

    Glad you’re back to blogging. 🙂

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Erica, I sure wished we lived near one another. I’d love visiting museums and historical sites with you. If you ever get the hankering to check out the Gold Country here in California, be sure to let me know. 🙂

  • Love seeing you back, Keli! I’m in the middle of a semi-blogging break. I’m only blogging on Mondays until October. It’s been a busy summer and September looks even busier!

    So much fun seeing all the photos and catching up with you. Paris is a beautiful city and I’m praying Adri will be happy there. I’ll also be praying for all your adjustments. Welcome back!

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Gabrielle, thanks for the prayers. A wave of sadness hit me today as I think of our gal being so far away for so long. I know she’ll have a wonderful time, but I’m sure gonna miss her.

  • Marji Laine says:

    I feel for you, Keli. Just put my boy on a plane for Africa where he’ll be serving until next September. Momma’s hearts don’t deal with that so well, do they.

    So glad to see you back!

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Marji, I hope your son has an incredible experience in Africa, that you receive regular updates, and that the emptiness you feel at having him so far away isn’t too terrible.

  • Anne Payne says:

    I was just thinking last night how much I missed your blogging. Silly,. isn’t it? Especially since we chat on FB 🙂 But I love to see your pictures and read about your adventures out west!

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Anne, I’m grateful for Facebook. It enables me to keep in touch with special people like you. I enjoy hearing about your activities and seeing your wonderful photos.

  • I miss you Miz Keli, especially at our SVR meetings. What a lovely time you shared with us. Sorry about your finger.

    Surprise, surprise, we actually did have something fun this summer. A couple of weeks ago we flew back to Tomahawk, Wisconsin for hubby’s 50th class reunion. Since he hadn’t been home for 38 years it was a big deal. He wasn’t sure if he had anything in common with his classmates or not. Well, we went to the Friday night fish fry and felt right at home. He never stopped talking for the entire week and it was more than his high expectations. I was part of everything and made dear friends while I was there AND an eagle flew over my head and, you know me, I love those little things. I had never seen one in person before. The area is full of lakes and rivers and absolutely gorgeous. I think Ken left his heart there.

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Paisley, I miss seeing you and our SVR buddies, too. Cutting back can be so tough, be it due to time constraints, finances, or both.

      I’m glad you and Ken had such a wonderful time at his high school reunion. Sounds like the part of Wisconsin you visited is beautiful and that the people are warm and friendly.

  • You have been missed but it looks like you spent the time well. Congratulations on her daughter’s graduation and exciting new job! The sumer has flown by. I also visited my mom who is now in a seniors’ home and has limited mobility. I picked up my 12 year old grandson and we drove around Alberta collecting ideas and material for my next book. It was so much fun. Then I made a surprise 60th birthday party for my dear hubby. So great to catch up with you.

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Darlene, I’m sorry to hear about your mother’s decline, but I’m glad you got to see her. Your trip around Alberta sounds like fun. Having your grandson join you must have increased the enjoyment factor greatly. Surprise parties are so much fun to plan and pull off. I’m sure your husband greatly appreciated your efforts on his behalf.

  • Loved reading about your summer, Keli (and viewing those photos!). 🙂 What a wonderful adventure for your precious daughter, but I’m sure this will be a huge adjustment for you. 🙁 But what a blessing you’ll see her at Christmas (and just think of the fun photos from France you’ll have to share with your readers–Wow!). ~ I’m sorry that you’re experiencing several major life changes at one time, and please know I’m praying for you. So glad you were able to visit with both your parents this summer, and I do understand how difficult to see a parent who’s battling a terrible disease. Continued prayers for your father. ~ Love the cover of the 2-in-1, and a big CONGRATS to you and Erica! 🙂

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Thanks for the congratulations, commiseration, and the prayers, Patti Jo. The adjustments do seem to have been plentiful of late. I’m doing OK, but I am tired. Perhaps fall will be a time to regroup and get re-energized.

  • Julie says:

    A job in France! What an amazing opportunity. And what an amazing excuse for you and the mister to go to France! 🙂 Paris at Christmas has to be awesome.

    • Keli Gwyn says:

      Thanks for sharing in our excitement, Julie. Our daughter and I took a virtual tour of the town she’ll be living in, and it looks like a lovely place. I’m eager to see it for myself come Christmas. And, yes, we’ll be making a trek to Paris. This romance writer must see The City of Love for herself. 🙂