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Romance on a Budget: Fast-Food Celebration

You can add romance to your life without spending a ton of money.

A little time and some creativity is all it takes.

When Gwynly and I were younger and our mortage payment was taking a big bite out of our monthly budget, we decided to celebrate our 13th anniversary on the cheap. We couldn’t afford to go to a swanky restaurant, so on Dec. 19, 2000 we headed to In ‘n Out Burger with a few items to spiff up our table.

The staff thought our decorations were great. Some of the customers were impressed, others were amused, and still others looked at us like we were nuts. The important thing was that, despite our financial limitations, we had a blast.


A recipe for romance fast-food style.

Pick a date to celebrate.
An anniversary works. So do birthdays.

Choose your favorite fast-food restaurant.

Fill a bag or basket with some table decorations.
Tablecloth, cloth napkins, place mats.
Candlesticks, candles, vase, flowers.
Real plates, utensils, and glasses.

Select a table and decorate.

Order your meal and enjoy.

 ❤ ❤ ❤

What special days have you celebrated at a fast-food restaurant?
How did you make your celebration special?

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Keli Gwyn
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Favorite Christian Fiction Book Reviewers

Book reviews. Readers rely on them when choosing which books to buy.

Book reviewers. Writers treasure them for taking time to share their thoughts.

In my post, The 3 Most Effective Book Review Locations, I published the results of a poll I conducted. Eighty-four percent of those who responded use book reviews some or all of the time when making their book buying decisions.

No one found it surprising that the top three places readers go to check out reviews are Amazon, Goodreads, and personal blogs.

It’s pretty much a given for an author to ask influencers and reviewers to post their reviews on Amazon and Goodreads (if they are members), but how does one know where to find reputable reviewers who post helpful, honest reviews on their blogs?

They ask their friends, which is why I’m asking you.

I’ve long been a reader of the three blogs spotlighted in the graphics on this post (each image is a clickable link). I have come to trust Rel, Renee, and Casey to provide reviews I can rely on, but there are other reviewers of Christian fiction out there I’ve yet to discover.

Who are your favorite Christian fiction book reviewers?

I would appreciate it if you would take a minute to leave a comment and include the name of the sites you visit when looking for reviews–as well as the bloggers’ names and URLs, if you have them handy.

I’ll compile the information and add a new page to the blog where you can view the list.

• • •

I have a treat for you. On Monday, March 5, I’ll publish my first Meet the Reviewers post. My scheduled guest is well-respected reviewer Rel Mollet of Relz Reviewz. Don’t miss it!

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