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A Clearly Romantic Gesture

Are you good about keeping your windshield clean?

I confess I’m not. In my defense, I drive a truck. Since I’m only five foot two, I have to drag out a step stool in order to reach the top half of my SportTrac, making the task of washing the windshield into quite an undertaking.

Gwynly knows how much I dislike a dirty windshield and what a pain it is for me to wash it. Since he’s got a foot on me and doesn’t require a step stool, he’ll often clean my windshield for me as a surprise. Yup. He knows how to make me happy.

Not long ago my guy took his generous gesture to a new level. I awoke to find Buggly on my place mat bearing a note.

Love Clearly Displayed 1

The note read, “Buggly says, ‘Please sit in your truck to read your morning note there.'”

I smiled, being fairly certain a clean windshield awaited me.

Sure enough, when I headed downstairs to leave for my Curves workout and climbed into the driver’s seat, I found a note taped to my steering wheel.

Love Clearly Displayed 2

The note read:. “Wifely, I cleaned your windshield so you can clearly see, ‘I love you.’ C”

Once again, I smiled. When I removed that note, looked through the sparkly clean glass, and read the unexpected note taped to the storage drawers in front of my truck, I burst out laughing.

Love Clearly Displayed 3

Gwynly took his kindness to a whole new level, playing with words the way I like. Seeing “I love you” in those bright red letters made my day.

I told Gwynly not to expect to see that note disappear anytime soon. Every time I see it, I’m reminded of his romantic gesture and am filled with gratitude for the great guy I have.


What small gestures does your special someone* perform for you?

How could you turn a simple task you do for your
special someone* into something more?

*Note: If you don’t have a “special someone,” insert “someone special.” We all have those people in our lives.



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Keli Gwyn
Falling in Love with the Romance Genre

Can you remember when you discovered
the wonderful world of romance novels?

My love affair with romance novels began when I was in fourth grade. My mom took us to the library once a week that year. I spent many an afternoon on my bottom bunk transported to other times and places. Long before I knew romance was a genre all its own, I sought and savored stories about couples falling in love.

Like many young girls, I dreamed of having a clever and courageous boyfriend like Ned Nickerson, hero of the Nancy Drew series. I read and reread the Little House books and imagined being loved by a man as patient and as devoted to me as Almanzo Wilder was to Laura. And although he didn’t get the girl I wanted him to have, I had quite a crush on Laurie in Little Women.


During the long, hot California summers while our dad was off fighting forest fires, my sister Karla and I would spend countless hours with our noses buried in books. We discovered Barbara Cartland and read every copy of her books our local library had.

Call of the Heart by Barbara Cartland

One delightful summer during the mid-1970s, our mom would pile us in the station wagon for the short trip to the used bookstore in our tiny town. The Chicklets-sized cottage, crammed full of floor-to-ceiling shelves, had the musty smell of vintage books that made me feel right at home.

Vintage Harlequin Romances

We’d buy Harlequin romances by the armful. They were a bargain at ten for a dollar. Plus, we could trade them in on future purchases. Those squeaky clean stories, most of them written by British authors, were set in Europe and other exotic places. Little did I know then that I’d end up living in Germany years later, traveling throughout Europe, and seeing some of the very cities I’d read about as a teen.

In my twenties, I went browsing in used bookstores once again. I happened up a section of Grace Livingston Hill novels and thought I’d struck the Mother Lode. In one story, I had romance, history, and a Christian element. I blasted through as many of the books as I could find, eager to complete my set.

April Gold by Grace Livingston Hill

Fast forward to my mommy days in the 1990s. To my delight, I learned that Harlequin had started an inspirational line. When I read my first Love Inspired title, I felt like I’d come home. Motherhood kept me busy, but on rare occasions, I would treat myself to one of those books, stay up late, and read a story from cover to cover.

With Baby in Mind by Arlene James

Life moved on, our daughter got older, and my reading time increased. When I walked into our local Walmart in 2005, picked up Deeanne Gist’s debut novel, A Bride Most Begrudging, and devoured her excellent story, my love of romance novels intensified. I hadn’t realized the inspirational market had grown so much.

A Bride Most Begruding by Deeanne Gist

Reading Dee’s book rekindled my dream of writing. I knew just what I wanted to write: the very books I most love to read–inspirational historical romances. Although that’s what I’m privileged to do, I still read as many romances as I have time for, because I’m hopelessly smitten with the romance genre.


Are you a fan of the romance genre? If so, when did it capture your attention?

Did a certain book spark a desire to read more romances?

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Keli Gwyn
Romance: In Sickness and in Health

Coughs. Sniffles. Muscles aches. Many are battling them.

I hope you’ve managed to keep the bugs at bay.

Gwynly succumbed. My poor guy battled a miserable head cold all last week.

Although I know romance was the last thing on his mind, I wanted to show him how much I care. I did my best to offer what comfort I could.

Caring for Gwynly with his Cold

When our daughter was little, she used to make what she called Snuggle Cuddle Nests. I created one for Gwynly each day when he dragged home from school, with a blanket, pillows, a glass of OJ, a box of tissues, the remotes, and–since I’ve heard chocolate has curative powers–a little bowl of M&Ms.

Gwynly appreciated my efforts and is doing much better now, which makes me happy. He’s feeling so much better that he surprised me with a romantic gesture of his own this week, one I’ll be posting about next week.


What do you do to care for your special someone/someone special who is ill?

How do you like to be treated when you’re sick?
Do you want to be pampered or left alone?

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Keli Gwyn
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