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Book Reviewers Rock

Do you enjoy reading book reviews? I sure do.

I share the many reasons I think book reviewers rock in a guest post over at Christian Bookshelf Reviews, where blogger, avid reader, and book reviewer Melanie is celebrating her two-year Blogoversary.

Stop by to join in the fun.

Christian Bookshelf Reviews

Peruse the vibrant comment trail to see what readers look for in book reviews.

You can also enter Melanie’s drawing for a copy of my debut novel,
A Bride Opens Shop in El Dorado, California.

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Keli Gwyn
Stepping Up My Reading Time

Are you eager to find ways to increase your reading time?

I was. The answer is multi-tasking.

Thanks to a suggestion from author and agent mate Katie Ganshert, I learned that it’s possible to walk and read at the same time.

I was afraid to try reading while walking because I might look foolish–or crash into something–but the desire to devour more pages per day overcame my fears. I donned my walking shoes, pushed up my shades, and hit the trail with book in hand.

Walking and Reading

To my delight, I’ve discovered that I can read roughly one chapter per mile. Since I walk three miles most days and read on four of them, I get in a dozen more chapters per week than I used to.

While I was concerned some people might think me odd for reading while walking, no one’s said anything along those lines. The only comment’s I’ve received are compliments from people who think it’s a great idea. I’m quick to add that I wouldn’t attempt my feat on a city street. The trail is paved, smooth, and free of motorized vehicles, making it safer than the alternatives. I keep the center stripe and edge of the trail in my peripheral vision, and I’m fine.

Finding hidden reading time is rewarding. I’ve long been a bathtub reader. Now that I’ve added my reading time on the trail, I’m wondering what other ways I could squeeze in reading time by combining tasks.


Have you ever considered combining walking and reading?

What activities do you combine with reading?

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Keli Gwyn
Repackaging Means Real Savings

Do you enjoy a great deal? I sure do.

We can take advantages of low prices when publishers repackage older books.

I have a 3-in-1 set of stories from Tamara Alexander I got for a song. Many other authors’ titles have been repackaged as well. When these are collections of full-length books, it makes them real bargains.

It’s easy to find such compilations on the Christianbook site, since they often feature them in special ads. Or you can search 3-in-1 or 2-in-1.

I learned recently that Barbour is repackaging several of the Bride/Wedding books in their Destination Romances line. The books originally retailed for $12.99 each. The package price is just $9.99 for two, making them a real deal.

Here are four of the upcoming titles:

Great Plains Brides

Great Plains Brides includes two historical romances:

A Bride’s Sweet Surprise in Sauers, Indiana by Ramona Cecil


A Bride’s Portrait of Dodge City, Kansas by Erica Vetsch.

Release Date: July 1, 2013


Waterfront Weddings

Waterfront Weddings includes two contemporary romances:

A Wedding to Remember in Charleston, South Carolina by Annalisa Daughety


A Wedding Transpires on Mackinac Island by Cara Putman.

Release Date: August 1, 2013


Golden State Brides copy

Golden State Brides includes two historical romances:

A Bride Opens Shop in El Dorado, California by Keli Gwyn


A Bride Sews with Love in Needles, California by Erica Vetsch.

Release Date: September 1, 2013.


Heartland Weddings

Heartland Weddings includes two contemporary romances:

A Wedding Song in Lexington, Kentucky by Jennifer Johnson


A Wedding Homerun in Loveland, Ohio by Cathy Liggett.

Release Date: October 1, 2013


Questions for You

Are you a fan of repackaged bargain books?

What great deals have you gotten on a 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 set?


Note: I apologize for dropping off the radar recently. An extended family member was hospitalized unexpectedly, and I was a bit preoccupied. All’s well now.


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Keli Gwyn
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