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Mailbag Monday: Surprise Your Personal Cheerleader

We all have those wonderful people in our lives who are quick to celebrate our accomplishments with us, give us a word of encouragement and boast about us to others. I have a writer friend who does all that and more for me and for so many others as well.

I wanted to think of a way to show my friend how much I appreciate having her as one of my personal cheerleaders. What better thing to send her than a pair of colorful pom poms?

I found a set at the dollar store, packaged them in clear gift bags (also from the dollar store) and added a note of explanation one side of the package.

Pom Poms1

On the other side of the package, I affixed the necessary items: postage stamps and mailing labels.

Pom Poms2

I hope this little surprise brings my friend a bit of the joy she so often gives me.


Who are some of your personal cheerleaders,
and what could you send to say thanks?

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Keli Gwyn
Mailbag Monday: A Bottle Full of Fun

A search for clever snail mail ideas on Pinterest yields several pins showing clear plastic bottles filled with a variety of items. Here’s one that’s part of the Snail Mail Project on the Sweet Tea Paperie site.

Snail Mail Project

As soon as I saw this pin, my imagination kicked into high gear, resulting in a long list of surprises I could stuff into a bottle. But who would be the recipient, and what would fill her bottle?

Soon after, I was scrolling though my Facebook feed and got my answer. A dear friend of mine often posts favorite portions of Scripture, showing the colorfully highlighted verses in her Bible.

I had a backup stash of brightly colored highlighters, so I grabbed several and poked them inside a sturdy Dasani water bottle. To make sure they didn’t rattle too much, I filled the space at the top with some Easter grass I had on hand.

Bottle Full of Surprises 1

I added mailing labels on one side. On the back, I included a note explaining what the highlighters were for.

Bottle Full of Surprises 2

I had such fun preparing this surprise in a bottle and will be sending more in the future.


If you were to send someone a fun-filled bottle, what might you put inside?

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Keli Gwyn
Mailbag Monday: How to Send a Laugh

Do you have a friend who could use a laugh?

Here’s a simple three-step plan for sending one via snail mail.

1. Buy a bag of Laffy Taffy

2. Slap on some address labels and the appropriate amount of postage.

Laffy Taffy 1

3. Flip the package over and add a label with a note of encouragement.

4. Drop the package in the mail.

Laffy Taffy 2

The idea for sending a laugh came about because one of my friends who writes witty romantic comedies was on deadline and feeling the stress. I wandered through our local dollar store in search of just the thing to send her. I saw this bag of Laffy Taffy, and my hunt was over.

Question for You

Think of a friend of yours who could use a laugh.
What would you write on your encouraging note?

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Keli Gwyn
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