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One Word: Kiss

Some kisses are more memorable than others.

Kiss Photo

The kiss that stands out in my mind took place December 19, 1987.

Any wedding kiss is special, but ours was unique.

Gwynly is a full foot taller than I am, so he thought it
would be fun to have me stand on a footstool for the kiss.

I was a wee bit more serious in my younger years,
so he made sure I approved of his plan. I did.

My father-in-law and his woodworker friend built
a beautiful stool, which was hidden under the piano.


When our pastor told Gwynly he could kiss his bride, he turned
to his groomsmen, who passed the stool from one to the other.

Our guests didn’t know whether to laugh, cheer or applaud.

But I knew what to do…

When Gwynly set the stool in front of me, I stepped up
and awaited the first kiss from my brand-new husband.


To this day, the joy of that particular kiss has yet to be surpassed.


What’s the most memorable kiss you’ve received or witnessed?

What’s the biggest surprise you’ve experienced at a wedding?

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Keli Gwyn
One Word: Movie

Do you enjoy going out to see a movie at the theater? I do.

Movie Ticket

Gwynly and I enjoyed a double date with some friends who are movie buffs.

We had a yummy dinner at In-n-Out Burger and then took advantage of five-dollar Tuesdays at our local theater.

From the smell of buttered popcorn in the air to the plush seats, there’s nothing quite like seeing a show on the big screen.

We watched Interstellar, a gripping two-and-a half-hour action-packed movie that had us holding our breath at times and hiding our eyes at others. The experience wouldn’t have been the same on a small screen.

The evening was such fun that we’ve scheduled another movie date with our friends. I’m looking forward to it.


Which do you prefer: watching movies at the theater or at home?

How often do you watch a movie at the theater?

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Movie Ticket Admission Pass Admit Access Cinema Film Photo

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Keli Gwyn
One Word: Party

‘Tis the season for Christmas parties. I’ve attended three so far and have another coming up later this week.

Party Stock Photo

Early in December I had fun with the ladies from my Bible study. We enjoyed a yummy brunch and wonderful fellowship.

This past Friday the women’s ministry at church held an Evening of Inspiration. We started with a potluck where there were so many delicious dishes that the tables groaned.

My favorite part of the evening is the ornament exchange. The women form a huge circle around the outer wall of sanctuary.

Ornament Exchange

A story is read, and each time the reader says the word the, we pass our package to the right. When the story is done, we get to open the present we’re holding and see the ornament inside. I got a very pretty one.

On Saturday Gwynly and I attended our MG car club’s Christmas party. It began with more scrumptious food followed by a gift exchange. I stole this fun Santa hat from a fellow member.

Keli in Her Santa Hat

I didn’t feel too badly about robbing a friend of his gift since I think I’ll enjoy it a lot more than he would have.

The party coming up this week will include more food and another gift exchange. I can’t wait to see the reaction to the items in the great big bag I’m taking. That, to me, is even more fun than seeing what’s in the package I select.


Do you enjoy attending Christmas parties?

Are you a fan of gift exchanges? If so, what do you like about them?

What’s the most interesting item you’ve received at a gift exchange?

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Keli Gwyn
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