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Romance and Poetry

April is National Poetry Month.

Poetry is a wonderful way to express love.

As I reflect on romantic poems, the one that tops my list is
“How Do I Love Thee?” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

I delivered this poem as a reading in an oral interpretation class
in college. The romantic in me enjoyed adding plenty of emotion.

What poem do you think qualifies as the most romantic?

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Keli Gwyn
Romance Right in Step

Do you enjoy dancing? I do.

Gwynly knows this, so he surprised me recently by signing us up for ballroom dance lessons through our local Parks and Recreation Department.

Ballroom dance class

We’re having lots of fun learning. Our focus so far is East Coast Swing. We’ve mastered a couple of basic turns and haven’t stepped on any toes in the process.

I asked one of the young men why he and his girlfriend are there. He said the lessons were his Valentine’s Day present to her. It’s what she really wanted, so he made it happen. My romance writer’s heart loved hearing that.

Shared activities are important in any relationship, especially a romantic one. Sometimes it can be a challenge to find mutual interests, but it’s worth it to do some experimentation. The rewards are many.

The young man I was talking with admitted that he’s having more fun than he expected. I can tell by her smiles that his girlfriend is happy. Gwynly and I are certainly having a blast.


Questions for You

Do you like ballroom dancing?

What activities do you and your special someone share?

What activity does your special someone enjoy that you’ve grown to like, too?

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Keli Gwyn
The Most Romantic City is. . .

Of all the cities in the world, which would you say is the most romantic?

I’m going with Paris, and I’m guessing I’m not alone.

I’ve never been there, but that’s going to change.


Our daughter, a German-French major, will graduate in June. For the past three years she’s dreamed of working in Europe. Because of her hard work, she’s made that dream a reality.

Last week Adriana learned that she was accepted to the Teaching Assisting Program in France. Come October, she’ll be teaching English in French middle and/or high schools around Lille in northern France.

Gwynly and I have spent the past two weeks celebrating with our gal. We’re very proud of her and excited for her.

We’ve also been making plans to visit, and one of the places we want to see is Paris. Even though we lived in Germany four and a half years, we didn’t venture into France. We only have one semester of high school French between us and didn’t feel comfortable due to the lack of the language. Thanks to our daughter, we’ll be able to tour France with our own personal tour guide.

We don’t know yet when we’ll be traveling since we have to find out what Adri’s schedule will be, but I’m getting excited about visiting her in France and seeing the City of Love for myself.


Questions for You

Does Paris top your Most Romantic Cities list? Why or why not?

Have you ever visited Paris? If so, what were your favorite places?

If you were to visit Paris, which places would be on your must-see list?


Image from Wikimedia Commons


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