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Real-life Romance with Lindsay Harrel: Special Serenade

I’m delighted to have Lindsay Harrel as my guest today. She’s a talented writer, an awesome singer, and a very nice person. When I heard about her husband’s musical gifts during two milestone events in her life, I asked her to share them. Enjoy this heartwarming story of real-life love from Lindsay. . .


I’m a singer, and I always imagined marrying someone musically inclined.

And it happened.

You see, my husband Mike plays the clarinet. He’s so good he got a college scholarship for it and got to play with the Phoenix Symphony when he was a sophomore in high school.

But he never sang in public. Except, of course, in church.

I’d sit next to him while we were dating, and sometimes, I’d just close my eyes and listen to this man—who I was growing to love—worship God. I really liked his baritone/bass voice, but when I told him that, I think he was embarrassed, because he didn’t think he was much good.

Fast forward to the night he proposed.

It was a beautiful July evening. Full moon. Cloudless. Warm. He took me for a “walk” and we ended up on a little wooden bridge on the edge of a golf course. No one around. He’d decorated the bridge with candles and roses.

I wasn’t necessarily shocked he was proposing, but I was shocked at how he did it.

He got down on one knee and sang “All I Ask of You” from Phantom of the Opera, one of my favorites.

Yeah, I was a mess of tears. Just to hear a man declaring his love for me in such a way, when he knew I cherished singing and that song in particular—that was one of the most romantic things he could have done.

But that wasn’t the end of his serenade.

Lindsay and Mike Harrel 1

Fast forward again, this time to our wedding. The whole day had been beautiful—beautiful ceremony (where I walked down the aisle to a violin and piano rendition of “All I Ask of You”), beautiful first dance, beautiful toasts, and lots of fun dancing.

The reception was nearing an end, and suddenly, Mike pulled me onto the dance floor and plopped me into a chair. A friend of ours had his guitar, and Mike sat opposite me.

And he started to sing, this time a song by Steven Curtis Chapman I’d never heard—“We Will Dance.”

Go listen to it and you’ll get a glimpse at how incredibly romantic my husband was to sing it to me.

LIndsay and Mike Harrel 2

But the most romantic thing about it all?

He didn’t consider himself a singer. He didn’t think he was good.

But there, in front of 150 people, he sang to me anyway.


Lindsay’s Questions for You

Have you ever been serenaded?

Do you and your special someone have a special song?

If you aren’t married, what is one of the most romantic songs, in your opinion?


A Little More About Lindsay

Since the age of six, when she wrote the riveting tale “How to Eat Mud Pie,” Lindsay Harrel has passionately engaged the written word as a reader, writer, and editor. Lindsay lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her husband of six years and two golden retriever puppies in serious need of training.

Visit Lindsay’s blog, “like” her Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter


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New Books for a New Year

Several books releasing this year have captured my attention.

Here are a few I’m looking forward to reading. . .

Beth’s debut novel, Wish You Were Here, was a fun-filled read.

I anticipate more smiles as I enjoy her latest.

I’ve long been a fan of Dee’s work and am awaiting her new release.

Set at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, it’s sure to be fun.

I was privileged to read an early version of this story in manuscript form.

I’m eager to see the final version of Jody’s gripping tale.

I loved book one in Sarah’s Wings of the Nightingale series, With Every Letter.

This WWII story is sure to be every bit as captivating as the first.

I enjoyed the first book in Joanne’s Cadence of Grace series, Be Still My Soul.

I’m curious to see how Lonnie and Gideon face a tough trial in this sequel.

Katie’s debut novel, Wildflowers from Winter, was a moving read.

I’m eager to see the new heroine, Robin, find happiness after her loss.


What new releases are you looking forward to reading this year?

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