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Romance and Rough Spots

What are the three most romantic words in the English language?

That’s easy, right? I love you.

What are three more words that can be romantic in their own way?

I forgive you.

OK, I realize that probably isn’t the answer you expected, but I don’t think romance can exist apart from that phrase.


Because we’re all going to blow it. There will be times we need to say those words and times we hope our special someone will say them to us.

I write a lot of posts about romance and give glimpses of the many good times my guy and I share, but things aren’t always peaches and roses. Like all couples, Gwynly and I experience bumps in the road.

A few days ago, I went through a time when I was being somewhat less than lovable. (Yes, that’s a euphemism for being a real pill.) I was in a bad place and took some of my irritations and frustrations out on Gwynly.

The next day when he got home from school, I was ready with a heartfelt apology. Let me tell you, it felt very good to hear him say, “I forgive you.” At that moment, those three words meant as much to me as “I love you,” because, contrary to that famous line from Love Story, I believe love means saying you’re sorry and extending forgiveness.

Gwynly took his forgiveness to the next level. He realized why I was in a rough spot, and he chose to show me his love and support in a tangible way. He baked me a batch of shortbread, which is one of the few sweets I indulge in. See why I love this guy so much?

 ❤ ❤ ❤

How have you been blessed by someone’s gift of forgiveness?

How have you shown support to a loved one in a bad spot?


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Keli Gwyn
Name That Bookstore. . .

Bookstores often have clever names.

I attended a signing recently at an awesome store called Face in a Book.

Not only does the store have a great name, but the staff treated me like royalty.


What bookstore names have caught your attention?

If you were to open a bookstore, what would you name it?

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Keli Gwyn
The Most Romantic Instrument Is. . .

What instrument do you think is the most romantic?

Violin or banjo perhaps?

Those are my choices.

When I began doing the research for my debut novel five years ago, I fell in love with the violin, the instrument my heroine plays. As I wrote, I listened to violin music. According to iTunes, I’ve played my favorite piece, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, over 1,000 times. Few selections move me like that one.

I discovered world class violinist Joshua Bell and was privileged to be able to hear him in concert at my daughter’s university–twice. Itzhak Perlman performed at her school as well, and I was there. I sat spellbound through all three of those concerts.

But something was missing.

Gwynly’s company.

He isn’t as big a fan of the violin as I am, sad to say. I attended those concerts by myself. While I enjoyed them, I missed my guy.

Enter the banjo.

A number of years ago, Gwynly decided he wanted to add this instrument to his repertoire, so my daughter and I gave him one for Christmas. The early years when he was first learning to play were a bit of a challenge. Banjo can be somewhat repetitive. Thankfully Gwynly didn’t mind when I would close the door to the bedroom while he was practicing.

Over the years, Gwynly’s banjo-playing skills have increased, and the door remains open when he practices. He’s gotten good enough that he’s willing to perform in public. He played at my book launch party and at some of my book signings. People really enjoy the folk tunes he plays. And so do I.

While banjo might not be on most people’s romantic instrument list, it’s on mine, because my guy plays it for me.


What instrument do you find the most romantic, and why?

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Keli Gwyn
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