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Romance & Fruit

Some fruits shout romance, whereas others don’t.

To me strawberries are romantic. Peaches, too.

But prickly pears? Nope. It’s not just the name. I don’t like pears. Period.

Grapes are Gwynly’s favorite. He munches them all summer long. I love to snitch a few from his bowl. I could get some from the fridge anytime I want, but it’s so much more fun taking some of his and seeing one of his Gwyn grins.

What fruits do you think are the most romantic?

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Keli Gwyn
Romantic Read: With Every Letter by Sarah Sundin

I recently finished Sarah Sundin‘s latest WWII romance, which was released September 1, and am eager to share it with you. I’ll start with the blurb, add my five-star review, and end with a drawing for a copy of the book.


The Blurb

Lt. Mellie Blake is a nurse serving in the 802nd Medical Squadron, Air Evacuation, Transport. As part of a morale building program, she reluctantly enters into an anonymous correspondence with Lt. Tom MacGilliver, an officer in the 908th Engineer Aviation Battalion in North Africa.
As their letters crisscross the Atlantic, Tom and Mellie develop a unique friendship despite not knowing the other’s true identity. When both are transferred to Algeria, the two are poised to meet face to face for the first time. Will they overcome their fears and reveal who they are, or will their future be held hostage to their past? And can they learn to trust God and embrace the gift of love he offers them?
Combining excellent research and attention to detail with a flair for romance, Sarah Sundin brings to life the perilous challenges of WWII aviation, nursing, and true love.

My Review

A Stellar Start to Sundin’s Wings of the Nightingale Series

Confession. I’m a steadfast Sarah Sundin fan. I flew through the first three books from her Wings of Glory series, and I don’t even read WWII romance as a rule. Sundin has changed all that, having become one of my must-read authors. Why? Because she’s a masterful storyteller. Because she creates tension that keeps me fighting sleep well into the night. And because her characters are so real, so deep, and so likable that I remember them long after I close the pages of her books and heave a satisfied sigh.

When I read the blurbs for With Every Letter, I’ll admit to wondering how Sundin would pull off a story where the hero and heroine exchange letters anonymously and don’t meet in person until well into the book. I wondered, yes, but I didn’t doubt Sundin’s ability to succeed. And I was right! She reeled me in from the start. I fell in love with flight nurse Lt. Mellie Blake in chapter one, and I was head over heels for engineer Lt. Tom MacGilliver well before I finished chapter two. They are both such well-crafted characters, each with a believable blend of strengths and flaws, that I felt like I knew them—and would like to have them as friends.

The story flows beautifully, the tension building with each chapter. And the romance? It’s wonderful. Tom and Mellie’s relationship takes off with only a small bump or two, but there’s turbulence ahead, keeping things mighty interesting. I loved being a witness to the emotional and spiritual journeys Mellie and Tom took. Both have a good deal of changing to do, and watching them take steps forward and back kept me flipping pages with the speed of a fighter plane over North Africa. I trusted Sundin to bring the story in for a great landing after the thrilling ride, and she did. I just hope she’s writing like the wind, because I can’t wait for the next book in the series. I highly recommend With Every Letter. Fans of historical romance are sure to love it. What am I saying? Anyone who likes a well-told, action-packed story with great characters will enjoy it.

Win a Copy of With Every Letter

To enter the drawing, leave a comment with the answer to the following question by Sunday, September 16 . (Be sure to provide your email address in the appropriate field, so I can contact you if you win.)

Are/were there any WWII veterans in your family?
If so, where did they serve?

I’ll select the winner September 17 and post the name here and in a comment.

Congratulations to Karen. K., winner of  Sarah’s book!

No purchase necessary.
Offer void where prohibited.
U.S. or Canadian addresses only.
Odds of winning vary due to number of entries.

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Keli Gwyn
A Healthy Dose of Romance

Do you like to shower lemons or apple slices with salt? I do, but Gwynly can’t imagine doing such a thing.

While we were dating, he watched me eat a lemon with the flavor so enhanced by salt that I made some interesting faces. He didn’t say much at the time, but his face spoke volumes. It was clear he found my habit revolting.

Months later Gwynly proposed and took me out to dinner to celebrate. At one point during the meal he leaned toward me, took my hand in his, and gazed at me lovingly. My heart did some rather erratic beating as I thought of all the romantic things he might say.

Despite my rather active imagination, I didn’t come close.

Gwynly spoke with feeling, his hold of my hand firm and his eyes never leaving my face. “I love you and want to have you around for a long time.”

Cue an angelic chorus with harps. I sighed.

And then, after drawing a breath, Gwynly continued. “So would you please cut back on your salt consumption?”

The angel choir hit a sour note, and several harp strings broke.

How could my guy say such a thing at a time like that? I mean, really. Did he want to destroy the romantic atmosphere?

Once I got over my disappointment and had time to think about what he’d said, I realized his comment was motivated by a sincere desire for my best–and his. He loves me and doesn’t want to lose me to heart disease brought on by excessive salt consumption. My health matters to him because I matter to him. And that is romantic in its own special way.

For the record, I did agree to cut back on my use of salt. I even switched to sea salt recently and have such low blood pressure these days I amaze my doctors.


Has your special someone asked you to change a health-related habit–in love?

Has love ever motivated you to make such a request of your special someone?


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Keli Gwyn
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