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Bookstore Destinations

Having spent three hours at my book signing last month when the wonderful staff of the Barnes & Noble Birdcage store in Sacramento hosted me, I had ample opportunity to people watch.

This particular B&N sets up their signing station just to the left of the entrance, so I had a great vantage point from which to see where customers went when they entered the store.

Some were obviously on a mission and headed straight for a certain section. Others had come to meet friends in Starbucks. But a good percentage of customers were there to browse.

Many customers passed by the signing table en route to the periodicals, where there are seats inviting them to stay awhile. Some lingered in their favorite sections. Others wandered throughout the store reveling in the bookstore atmosphere. At least that’s what I imagined them to be doing, since I do the same thing myself.

One area that generated a great deal of interest was the New Arrivals section to the right of the signing station. If you look in the picture above, you can see the corner of one of the tables filled with new releases.

Only one group of customers came with the intention of seeing me: my friend Karen Hansen (beside me) and two members of her book club, pictured below.

Gwynly took advantage of the proximity of the New Arrivals table. He would engage customers with the line, “If you enjoy new releases, we have one here you might like to check out. It’s a historical romance set in our area, and the author is right here.” His method worked. We sold several books to those he engaged in conversation. Gotta love a supportive hubby!

The experience got me thinking about my book store shopping habits. I tend to be a browser, but I gravitate to two sections. I have to check out the inspirational fiction shelves and see how many of the books were written by my friends. Once I’ve done that, I spend a fair amount of time in the gifts and games sections. Yeah, I know it’s a bookstore, but I have a soft spot for the inspirational plaques, bookmarks, note cards, and other great things I can find.


What are your favorite sections in a bookstore?

Do you peruse the periodicals, spend time in the coffee house, stand in the stacks searching for a great read, or gravitate to the gifts and gadgets like I do?


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Keli Gwyn
Friday Fun Victorian Style

The Victorians drank both coffee and tea, with tea being

the most popular of the two at the beginning of the era.

At what point did coffee surpass tea as the most popular beverage?

A. After the Gold Rush Began (1849)

B. After the Civil War Ended (1865)

C. After the Invention of the Telephone (1876)


You can find the answer to the question by clicking this link.

There’s a password required, but it’s simple. It’s Romance with a capital R.


Images are from the Victorian Goods and Merchandise
CD-ROM and book and are used by permission.

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Keli Gwyn
Romance Super Hero Style

My guy knows how important romance is to me, and he works hard to add that all important aspect to our marriage.

I can’t begin to count the number of romantic movies Gwynly’s watched with me. Seriously. He deserves a T-shirt. I can see it now, “Survivor of 792 romantic comedies and counting.” Or how about, “Proof I love my wife: I know who Mr. Darcy is.”

Every now and then I take pity on my poor fellow. A couple of weeks back when things got really busy for me and I didn’t have time to update our Netflix queue, I asked Gwynly to add some shows he wanted to watch.

Guess what? He didn’t pick a single romance. He chose super hero shows. I watched Green Lantern, Captain America, and the first two Batman movies with him. That gave me an idea.

Yup! I bought two tickets for Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. One for me, and one for my very own hero, who is super in my eyes.

On a hot summer afternoon, my fellow and I headed for the theater ready to see the rest of the story.

Did I like the show? Yes, more than I thought I would. But the best part was spending time with Gwynly doing something he enjoys.


What kind of movies do you and your special someone like to watch together?

Who picks the show when you and your special someone go to the movies?

Have you seen Batman: The Dark Knight Rises? What did you think of it?


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Keli Gwyn
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