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Romantic Reunions

Having lived in Germany in the early 90s when our U.S. troops were sent to the first Gulf War, I witnessed some tearful partings. That was the first time U.S. military personnel stationed in a foreign country were deployed, leaving their families behind without the usual support of relatives and stateside friends. The Army post in the town of Fürth, where Gwynly’s high school was located, was a sad and lonely place for many months.

But then came the reunions. And were they ever joyful. We tied yellow ribbons on the house we shared with a dear solider friend who lived above us to welcome him home.

To this day, I get teary-eyed when I watch news footage of troops returning home and see husbands and wives together again after the tense months or years of separation.

Gwynly and I haven’t spent much time apart during our twenty-four years of marriage. The longest stretch occurred many years ago when he went to Europe on a short-term mission trip with our church and was gone three weeks. When we are separated, I miss him like crazy.

I’ve been spending a couple of days with my parents, who both live out-of-town. While I looked forward to seeing them, I’ll be eager to get home to my guy. I doubt ours will be a tearful reunion–tears of joy that is, which I’m known to shed quite easily. After all, we only spent one night apart. I am looking forward to a great big hug, though.

Every now and then being separated can serve to intensify feelings of love and make getting back together again that much sweeter. Such reunions are definitely romantic.

• • •

What’s the longest amount of time you and your special someone have been separated?

Have you witnessed some reunions of couples long separated that really moved you?

• • •

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Keli Gwyn
Do You Speed Read?

Some people devour books, racing through them in record time and finishing two, three, four, or more in a single week.

Others read slowly, taking days or weeks to make their way through a single story.

I’ve never considered myself a fast reader. Not that reading is a race, but I can’t blast through a book the way our daughter can. Like some of the reviewers I’ve interviewed, she can polish off a 300-page story in a few hours.

I recently began reading while walking, thanks to a tip left by Katie Ganshert in a comment on my post Your Reading Time. I’d never tried combining the two before that, but it works for me, since I walk on a dedicated hiking trail where I encounter only other walkers, joggers, cyclists, and the rare equestrian. This rails-to-trails path is paved and has well-marked lanes, so I’m able to walk along one edge using my peripheral vision.

I’ve learned that I can read about fifteen pages in the time it takes me to walk a mile. Since I can walk a mile in around sixteen minutes, that means I’m reading roughly one page per minute. When I complete the round trip on my favorite section of the trail, I log six miles and savor ninety pages of a novel.

I seem to read more quickly when I walk. My theory is that my steady pace down the path seems to keep me turning pages at a brisk rate. While I’m not normally a fan of multitasking, this is one time when doing two things at once works well for me.

My reading speed might be faster than some and slower than others. Comparison isn’t important. I’m interested in increasing my reading speed for my sake. I have limited time and oodles of great books I want to read.

• • •

Are you a speedy reader, or do you consider yourself to be a slow one?

Have you discovered ways to increase your reading speed?

Have you ever walked and read at the same time?

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Keli Gwyn
Friday Fun Victorian Style

I recently made a list of some of my favorite shows set in Victorian times.

So that this post wouldn’t be too long, I forced myself to narrow my list down to three. That was not an easy task, let me tell you, but I made my choices. And here they are. . .

Clark Davis is one of the nicest heroes ever. I love Dale Midkiff’s portrayal of him.

I love tortured heroes, and when they’re as drool-worthy as Richard Armitage, I’m a goner.

The fact that this love story really happened totally melts my heart. Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend did a great job bringing Victoria and Albert’s romance to the screen.

• • •

Which Victorian-era shows would top your list of favorites?

(For those, like me, who tend to forget the dates, Queen Victoria reigned from 1837-1901.)

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