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Romance His Way

My guy doesn’t have the same idea of romance I do. Small surprise, huh?

For me, little can compare to an evening in front of the TV with a romance movie in terms of the ah factor. My guy indulges me and has watched many of them with me. There are even a few he has honestly enjoyed, such as You’ve Got Mail or Letters to Juliet.

Many a night, though, Gwynly dozes off while I sigh my way through yet another chick flick. He’s a good sport and doesn’t complain. See why I love him so much? 🙂

We took a long walk this past Sunday and had a great time together. I surprised him at the end by asking him which of the action-adventure movies we own is his favorite. He didn’t have to think too hard. He’s a big fantasy fan and loves Lord of the Rings.

When I asked the question, I knew Gwynly would choose that movie. I also knew I could surprise him by offering to watch it with him.

You might be shocked, but I’ve never read the books or spent the many hours needed to view the three DVDs. All that has changed. Gwynly and I are watching the trilogy in one hour segments, and I’m enjoying the story more than I expected to.

What’s far more important than seeing the movie, though, is the time I’m spending with my hubby doing something he enjoys. I asked Gwynly if he thinks watching Lord of the Rings with me is romantic, and he said yes.

I learned something from this. Guys do romance. They just go about it differently than we gals do at times. When we figure out what our fellows consider romantic, we can reap the rewards by doing things their way for a change.

• • •

For those of you married or dating, if you were to ask your guy what movie(s) he considers romantic, which one do you think he’d choose?

Are you a Lord of the Rings fan? Have you watched it with your special someone?

Without any spoilers, I’d love to know: does LotR contain any romance?

Who’s your favorite character in LotR? I’m partial to Frodo so far.

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Keli Gwyn
Favorite Christian Fiction Book Reviewers

Book reviews. Readers rely on them when choosing which books to buy.

Book reviewers. Writers treasure them for taking time to share their thoughts.

In my post, The 3 Most Effective Book Review Locations, I published the results of a poll I conducted. Eighty-four percent of those who responded use book reviews some or all of the time when making their book buying decisions.

No one found it surprising that the top three places readers go to check out reviews are Amazon, Goodreads, and personal blogs.

It’s pretty much a given for an author to ask influencers and reviewers to post their reviews on Amazon and Goodreads (if they are members), but how does one know where to find reputable reviewers who post helpful, honest reviews on their blogs?

They ask their friends, which is why I’m asking you.

I’ve long been a reader of the three blogs spotlighted in the graphics on this post (each image is a clickable link). I have come to trust Rel, Renee, and Casey to provide reviews I can rely on, but there are other reviewers of Christian fiction out there I’ve yet to discover.

Who are your favorite Christian fiction book reviewers?

I would appreciate it if you would take a minute to leave a comment and include the name of the sites you visit when looking for reviews–as well as the bloggers’ names and URLs, if you have them handy.

I’ll compile the information and add a new page to the blog where you can view the list.

• • •

I have a treat for you. On Monday, March 5, I’ll publish my first Meet the Reviewers post. My scheduled guest is well-respected reviewer Rel Mollet of Relz Reviewz. Don’t miss it!

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Keli Gwyn
Friday Fun Victorian Style

Gloves were an important accessory for both men and women in the Victorian era.

As was the case with most elements of Victorian life, there were many rules of etiquette regarding the wearing of gloves. Of those below, which one do you think is untrue?

1. Always wear your gloves in a theater.

2. Always remove your gloves in church.

3. Where dancing is expected to take place, no one should go without new kid gloves.

4. Neither ladies or gentlemen should ever wear gloves at table (when dining).

5. You may wear gloves at table if, for some reason, your hands are unfit to be seen.

6. Never offer to shake hands with a lady in the street if you are wearing dark gloves.

7. Do not remove your gloves to shake hands.

8. Great care should be taken to see that your gloves are well made and fit neatly.

• • •

Leave your guess in a comment. To make this more fun, use only your current knowledge rather than performing a search on Google or making a dash for your reference books.

At the end of the day, I’ll update the post to include the answer and leave it in a comment. If you want to know the answer, you could subscribe to the comments on this post.

Have fun guessing!

• • •

Update and Answer

I had such fun reading the guesses left in the comments.

Four of those who left comments guessed correctly: Lacie, Loree, careann, and Gabrielle, who chose #2. The rule in Martine’s Hand-book of Etiquette, originally published in 1866, is, “Always wear your gloves in church.”

For the benefit of those who were curious about #6, the reason Arthur Martine gave for the rule in his book about a man never offering to shake hands with a woman if he’s wearing dark gloves is that he might soil her white ones.

Regarding rule #5, Martine didn’t elaborate on what would make a person’s hands unfit to be seen. I wonder if my age spots would qualify. 🙂

• • •

The royalty-free image above comes from the Victorian Fashions book and CD-rom from Dover Publications that is part of my reference library.

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